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Branco Cartoon – The Blob

Branco Cartoon – The Blob

Nothing can stop it

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The left is gambling that they will get to write the history when their storm of perpetual outrage ends and Trump is gone. Just like they have never stopped doing with Reagan, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and others.

Until the storm ends, they will avoid discussing the issues and focus on plastering their “graffiti” on every medium non-stop thus controlling the narrative among themselves. When their storm ends, it will become the official history which they are writing. History books are being replaced by Wikipedia which the left is controlling.

Liberal playbook: When a story doesn’t get traction RECYCLE.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their campaign of slander has pushed the entire party right off the rails.

This is sad. I want a viable, loyal opposition. Instead we have a continual, rolling tantrum that alienates Democratic voters. How stupid can one party be?

All The News That’s Fake to Print.