We’re on a roll.

Eyes and talk are turning to Michelle Obama as the reality of the weak Democrat presidential field sinks in. We’ve been predicting that for almost two years. Whether she runs or not, the yearning for Michelle as a savior figure is real.

And in the second CNN debate, Tulsi Gabbard sliced and diced Kamala Harris’ prosecutorial career.

Post-debate, Tulsi is doing a victory dance on Kamala’s political head:

Tulsi’s performance came as a shock to everyone. Everyone, that is, except for Legal Insurrection readers, because I saw this coming the moment Tulsi declared for the presidency.

On January 11, 2019, when most pundits were writing her off as at best a crackpot, or at worst an Assad-apologist, I wrote, Dem Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is running for president, and that’s important (really, it is):


What did I see that others didn’t? As the sub-headline to the post said: “Bring on the crowded debate stage, with a disrupter thrown like a hand grenade into the mix.”

While her politics are very different than ours, she has a spirit of disruption that also guides us.

Gabbard running is important.

Not because she’s going to win.

But because she is yet another Democrat throwing her hat into the ring. Within months we could have dozens of Democrats running.

The debates, which start in June, have the potential to be a three-ring circus, making the large 2016 Republican field seem quaint by comparison.

If Democrats prevent lesser-known candidates from participating in the debates, it will harken back to Hillary’s friends at the DNC rigging the primaries against Bernie. If all Democrats participate, it’s going to be mayhem on stage, and will take away from top tier candidates.

Add Gabbard to the mix, and it will be great theater. She’s not afraid to go against liberal orthodoxy — not always in good ways — and to attack other Democrats.

So Gabbard getting into the race is important because she will be a disrupter on a stage filled with Democrats before a national TV audience.

And so it came to be.

If Tulsi makes it to Round 3, which seems likely, she may be the only one on stage unafraid to take on Warren head on. And Tulsi has the smarts to articulate, as she did with Harris, why Warren’s Native American deception matters and how Warren’s history of lining her pockets representing large corporations damages Warren’s political narrative.


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