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University’s ‘Diversity Department’ Maintains a ‘Masculinity Committee’

University’s ‘Diversity Department’ Maintains a ‘Masculinity Committee’

“an informal group of faculty, staff, and students, mostly male-identified”

If you wrote this as a work of fiction, no one would buy it. It would be seen as too over the top.

The College Fix reports:

School’s ‘masculinities committee’ offers learning opportunities for ‘male-identified’ students

A school’s diversity department is offering its male students a chance to learn about the “spectrum” of masculinity, including how masculinity affects academic performance.

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio, maintains a “Masculinities Committee” that “aims to challenge society’s ideas about what ‘being a man’ means.” The committee was formed after staff at Miami University “learned that masculinity can be plural and that there is a spectrum of masculinities on college campuses (and elsewhere).”

Jane Goettsch, the director of Miami’s Women’s Center, described the committee as “an informal group of faculty, staff, and students, mostly male-identified, who are interested in masculinity, either from a research perspective or an educational programming perspective.”

“The group was instrumental in forming an informal statewide coalition of college educators interested in learning more about the experiences of college men and how gender stereotypes about the way men are supposed to act impart their experiences in both positive and negative ways,” Goettsch told The College Fix.

“‘Masculinities’ plural is simply a way of indicating that there isn’t just one ‘right’ to express one’s masculinity,” she added.


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I hope nobody believes this is about “opportunities” for men.