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University of Virginia to Keep Pro-Thomas Jefferson ‘Founder’s Day’

University of Virginia to Keep Pro-Thomas Jefferson ‘Founder’s Day’

“The university has in the past dealt with controversy over the legacy of Jefferson”

This is in stark contrast to the Charlottesville City Council, which decided to drop the day.

The College Fix reports:

UVA to keep pro-Jefferson ‘Founder’s Day’ despite Charlottesville’s decision to nix presidential holiday

A University of Virginia spokesperson told The College Fix that the historic institution will continue to mark its Founder’s Day programming despite the Charlottesville City Council’s decision to nix its annual celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.

The university has in the past dealt with controversy over the legacy of Jefferson, the third president of the United States who founded the Charlottesville-based university in 1819. His statue on campus had been defaced and some in the campus community have called for a halt to using Jefferson quotes.

But when asked if the City Council’s decision against Jefferson would have an impact on the university’s Founder’s Day, UVA spokesman Wesley Hester told The College Fix via email “Founder’s Day events at UVA are scheduled to occur this year as they do every year.”

“On Founder’s Day, UVA and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello join together to present the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medals to recognize achievements of those who embrace endeavors in which Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and third U.S. president, excelled and held in high regard,” the university’s website states.

The news comes in the wake of the violent clashes at the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Its City Council last month decided to eliminate the official holiday celebration of Jefferson’s birthday.


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Charlottesville has become run by a bunch of sorry socialist hacks. I can’t believe what they’ve done to ruin such a good place.

If they drop Founder’s Day, do they have to give Jefferson’s money back?

BerettaTomcat | August 20, 2019 at 10:12 pm

The anti-Whites should be thankful for Jefferson’s choice of words in the Declaration of Independence. His “all men are created equal,” while clearly not applying to Blacks at the time (perfectly understandable given he wrote it almost two centuries before biologists embraced the Biological Species Concept), was, less than a century later, reinterpreted to encompass Blacks. If not for Jefferson’s brevity and preference for style over detail in writing, the non-White anti-Whites would have never had the opportunity to butch about Jefferson.