Do liberals understand this is one of the reasons many conservatives oppose free college? Why should they fund an industry that’s openly hostile to them?

The College Fix reports:

University of Kentucky apologizes for conspiring against, mocking conservative club

A recently published series of emails shows administrators conspiring against and mocking students attempting to get approval for a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Kentucky.

Students working to get the approval had done so over the course of the last year to no avail. The conservative chapter was approved, however, after Young America’s Foundation sent in a public records act request seeking to better understand why the club was rejected, according to YAF spokesman Spencer Brown.

“UK quickly approved the chapter once YAF made our public records request,” Brown told The College Fix on Wednesday. Last week, YAF published the findings of its records request, which showed two campus officials had expressed joy in denying the club official recognition.

A campus spokesman said officials are sorry for the behavior of its employees.

In an email statement to The College Fix, UK spokesman Jay Blanton said that the student organizations office “worked closely with the Young America’s Foundation and soon after the appropriate documentation was finalized — documentation required of all student organizations — YAF was registered and approved as a registered student organization at the University of Kentucky.”

“At the same time, though, we want to apologize for some of the conversations that occurred around this process. We have taken steps to ensure that it does not occur again,” Blanton added. “We are reinforcing with all of our staff the importance of using appropriate language that does not inadvertently create any misperceptions regarding the work we are doing and the seriousness with which all of our staff members do it.”


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