I can’t think of a better person to take on this role. If only he was starting sooner than early 2021.

The College Fix reports:

As YAF president, Scott Walker vows to ‘open the eyes of the next generation’

When a Democratic wave swept Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker out of office last November, he began mulling his future options. The former presidential candidate began taking on part-time roles serving on boards and consulting with conservative organizations.

But in July, Walker announced he would soon be helming the Young America’s Foundation, a group started in 1977 to promote conservative ideals among young people.

Walker is set to take over in early 2021. In an exclusive interview with The College Fix, he joked that he already tried to be president-elect once, so this time he is “going to take my time to milk that title as long as possible.”

In agreeing to a four-year contract, Walker confirmed that he would not be a candidate for any office in either 2022 or 2024.

“It’s not fair to them if I was in there and people were speculating about me running,” he said.

Walker told The Fix that, over the years, he has been a big fan of YAF, particularly because of the group’s connection to former President Ronald Reagan. The group oversees the Reagan Ranch in California, where it frequently hosts events and speakers.

Walker, who was 12-years-old when Reagan was first elected, credits him more than anyone other than his parents with shaping his worldview.

“I’m a conservative, I’m a Republican, and most importantly, I’m an optimist, mostly because of Ronald Reagan,” he said. Walker’s wife, Tonette, currently serves on the Reagan Ranch’s board of governors.


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