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North Carolina State Student Wants School to Ban Pro-Trump Booths From Welcome Week

North Carolina State Student Wants School to Ban Pro-Trump Booths From Welcome Week

Free speech for me, but not for thee.

Cat Cobb, a student at North Carolina State University, wants the school to ban pro-Trump booths from the Packapalooza Festival, which takes place during the Wolfpack Welcome Week.

In her Technician column, Cobb claimed that allowing pro-Trump booths “violates the very principles that NC State upholds” since those “booths support an administration that has openly demonstrated hate and committed acts of discrimination towards nearly every marginalized group.”

Cobb wrote:

Most recently and most horrifically, the Trump administration has been separating families at the border and detaining immigrants in incredibly cramped and filthy conditions, despite the fact that it is entirely legal to come to the United States to seek asylum while fleeing turmoil. Trump has made it clear that he has minimal regard for the safety of Latinx individuals.

Last fall (the most recent data), roughly 6% of freshmen students and 9% of transfer students at NC State were Hispanic. With this disregard for human life and the threat of ICE raids — which are becoming a terrifying reality in North Carolina — how are the cumulative 411 new students possibly supposed to feel welcome when they see a booth supporting the administration? Booths like this threaten the inclusivity of NC State, a trait the university values highly.

Trump’s discriminatory policies haven’t stopped there, as his moves to criminalize abortion and defund Planned Parenthood will lead to greater persecution for those who choose to have an abortion. Moreover, even beyond political statements and policies, Trump has perpetuated incredibly inappropriate behavior in his treatment of women. As of June 2019, Trump has now been accused of sexual harassment or misconduct by sixteen women.

Conversely, NC State has been making strides towards gender equality, with the 2022 class hitting an even number of men and women, a first in NC State history. However, the 2,387 new freshmen in 2018 who identified as female may not realize this accomplishment if one of their first interactions on campus is with a booth advocating for Trump. For a campus that strives to ensure the “dignity of all people is respected and valued,” the University’s actions seem quite indifferent.

According to Cobb, Trump booths could trigger the females and minority students at the school. It could also make them feel unsafe.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.


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One student? Why is this story worth a column? This is so commonplace the entire subject should be closed.

johnnycab23513 | August 26, 2019 at 9:19 am

I remember when we had to present truthful dialog to back up our statements!

Someone should inform Cobb of her prejudice. She’s automatically assumed that the 411 incoming Hispanic students are anti-Trump. Data show that to be unlikely.

The Friendly Grizzly | August 26, 2019 at 12:35 pm

Does Cat Cobb have a sister, Cornontha?

And we’re the fascists? Yeah, right.

It pains me to discover how clueless so many people are, especially people who populate our institutions of higher education.
If Cat Cobb would do just a smidgen of research, she would learn that she is mistaken on so many levels. Just how many good North Carolina people actually support President Trump? Maybe she could venture from her sheltered life on campus and talk as well as listen with some of those supporters. She would also do well to learn a little recent history and examine Obama’s policies toward caging people at our Southern border. As far as Planned Parenthood, that deserves another post. Does gender equality really mean an even number of male to female students on campus? Cobb is almost beyond help, bless her heart!

Perhaps it is time for ALL college students to be forced to read our Constitution. Most seem to be blissfully unaware of what this nation stands for and what rights belong to its citizens.

I’ll just note: All these stories from the state of NC involve NC State.