TONE DOWN THE RHETORIC. Guess what, leftists. You cannot have it both ways. You want President Donald Trump to tone down his rhetoric then you guys must do the same thing.

First, we had Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) tweet out San Antonio donors because they fuel “a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'”

Then we had MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace stress that Trump talks “about exterminating Latinos” during a conversation with USA Today columnist Raul Reyes. Now Reyes isn’t innocent either as he claimed Trump “basically declared open season on Latinos.”

If I could go off on one of my rants here I would in a heartbeat. If you follow me on Twitter you know exactly what I would say, but I’ll back off for Professor Jacobson’s sake.

From Fox News (emphasis mine):

On Monday, Wallace led a conversation where USA Today opinion columnist Raul Reyes slammed Trump’s remarks condemning white supremacy since he had “basically declared open season on Latinos” during his entire presidency.

He then listed examples of Trump’s rhetoric towards Latinos and illegal immigrants like describing the caravan that was heading to the U.S. southern border as an “infestation.”

“What do you do with an infestation? With an infestation, the natural conclusion is to attempt an extermination,” Reyes said. “So, to me, there’s very little distinction between his inciting this violence and the fact it’s now happening.”

“What do you do when, certainly, the last Republican president fought for, sought and — it’s not ideal — but had 44 percent of Latino voters. So politically powerful inside the last Republican administration,” Wallace then responded.

“President Obama used the power of the presidency to try to pass comprehensive immigration reform, with the Latino community, Latino leaders, at the table. You now have a president, as you said, talking about exterminating Latinos.”

Only after receiving a well-deserved backlash, Wallace offered up this lame apology with a shot at Trump.

No, you’re not sorry. The answer to Trump’s hyperbole is not more hyperbole. You accuse Trump of using rhetoric to rile up his supporters, but what do you think this does? You add fuel to the fire trying to incite fear in those on your side.

Trump has truly broken people.


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