She would probably be a lot of other firsts as well.

Forbes reports:

Marianne Williamson Would Be The First College Dropout President

Everyone is talking about, or at least Googling, Marianne Williamson, her new age policies, her how-to book empire, and her secretive family life. If she became president, there would be more than a few historic firsts—the first female president, the first Jewish president, the first single president for a hundred years—but one of these firsts stands out as being a potential downside.

Namely, Marianne Williamson did not graduate from college. In this, she stands wildly apart from every prior US president, who all either achieved at least a college degree or served in the military —Williams dropped out of a selective liberal arts college after only two years to pursue her ambitions as a singer.

The only President without an undergraduate degree in the last 100 years was Harry S. Truman, who became President in 1945 after the death of FDR. He never went to college—instead, he enlisted in the military and fought in World War I. Nine other presidents served in the military instead of attending college—primarily in the Revolutionary War and Civil War eras.

Every other president finished at least a four-year college degree (two, Martin Van Buren and Grover Cleveland, did not attend college but “read the law” to become lawyers, which I counted as equal to college and law school). So Williamson would be the first President to have neither a college-level education nor a military background.

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