There never was a reason for a Kirsten Gillibrand presidential candidacy.

In a world of opportunistic, unprincipled, chameleon-like politicians, she stood out as among the most opportunistic, unprincipled and chameleon-like.

Gillibrand was as privileged as they come, child of a local political dynasty who had her House and Senate seats handed to her on silver platters. Yet she seized on attacking privilege as a campaign theme.

She ran as a conservative Democrat in her congressional district when convenient, as a liberal Democrat when more convenient for Senate and president. It’s not that there was no core to Kirsten Gillibrand, it’s that the core was unflattering.

She threw mentors like the Clintons under the bus when convenient in order to seize on the #MeToo movement to advance her presidential ambitions, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand disavows Bill Clinton now that he can’t help her anymore.

Al Franken was sacrificed at the altar of Kirsten Gillibrand’s ambition.

Voters can sense a phony, and Gillibrand’s photo is in the dictionary under “phony”.

An extra-special good riddance.


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