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Italy’s Salvini Fires Back at Richard Gere over Migrant Dispute: Take them to “Hollywood on his Private Jet”

Italy’s Salvini Fires Back at Richard Gere over Migrant Dispute: Take them to “Hollywood on his Private Jet”

“He can take all the people aboard back to Hollywood, on his private plane, and support them in his villas. Thank you, Richard!”

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini hit back at Richard Gere for criticizing the country’s immigration policy. He told the U.S. celebrity to take illegal migrants with him to Hollywood.

“Given this generous millionaire is voicing concern for the fate of the Open Arms migrants, we thank him,” the Italian politician responded sarcastically. “He can take all the people aboard back to Hollywood, on his private plane, and support them in his villas. Thank you, Richard!”

Richard Gere is the latest Hollywood star to slam Italy’s decision to close its shores to migrant boats coming from North Africa. Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas have recently come out in support of NGO-run migrant boats operating in the Mediterranean sea.

On Sunday, Gere went on board the Spanish NGO ship ‘Open Arms’ off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa. The actor recorded a video message on the ship, urging people to support the charity and migrants blocked by the Italian authorities. He also accused Salvini’s government of “demonizing asylum seekers.”

The Austrian newspaper Krone Zeitung reported:

The U.S. actor Richard Gere met the rescued migrants onboard the Spanish NGO boat Open Arms. In a subsequent press conference in Italian Island of Lampedusa, Gere sharply criticized Italy’s stance towards migrants. “I love Italians a lot; your generosity; and your love for life. And yet I notice that something has changed,” the Hollywood star said, who had shortly brought food to the boat. Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini  swiftly responded to Gere on Twitter: “You can take all the migrants with you to American on your private jet, [are] care for them at your villa. Thank you.”

Gere highlighted the plight of the refugees onboard the Open Arms: “Most people refer to them as ‘migrants,’ but for me they are refugees who managed to escape fire,” Gere said in a video released by the [NGO] Proactiva Open Arms. He reportedly talked to all the people onboard, all had their own stories. (…)

Salvini declared in a statement on Friday that Italy was “neither legally obliged, nor willing” to take people. This applies to the refugees on the boat, Open Arms. In addition to that he hoped Richard gets a sunburn and takes the refugees with him to the Spanish vacation island of Ibiza. [a reference to Spain’s left-wing government which has been supportive of the EU’s immigration policy] [Translated by the author]

Salvini has become a favorite target for Liberal celebrities and the mainstream media because of the prominent role he plays on the European stage. In May 2019, he successfully led an alliance of anti-EU nationalist parties in the European election. His right-wing European Alliance of People and Nations (EAPN), which includes Germany’s AfD party and France’s Marine Le Pen-led National Rally, made significant gains in the EU election.

Since Salvini’s right-wing league came to power in June 2018 as part of a coalition government, legislation has been introduced to stop illegal immigration. The new laws give authorities power to prevent unauthorized boats from docking, detain the crew, and impose fines of up to €1 million.

The row over migrant boats comes at a time with European pro-immigration NGOs receiving massive political backing from the EU. These NGOs are sending migrant ‘rescue’ boats off the North African coast and bring illegal immigrants to Italy, Malta, and other Mediterranean countries. The self-described ‘rescue’ boat operators are openly challenging Italy’s ban on illegal immigration.

In June, Italy arrested Carola Rackete, the captain of an unauthorized German migrant ship. Salvini called her a “rich, white, German” who had committed “an act of war” against his country after she rammed an Italian coast guard boat blocking ship her from entering the port.

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That is a picture of a crime wave.

Rumor has it that Gere was in North Africa hunting the elusive Algerian gerbil.

legacyrepublican | August 13, 2019 at 1:10 pm

What’s next?

Time for Hollywood to “Gere” up the rhetoric and call Salvini a Neo-Trump.

Thank God for a strong leader like Salvini who protects his country from foreign invasion and takes politically incorrect, but correct measures.

The ICE raid at several MS meat processing plants eliminated hundreds of illegal employees who are forbidden to return to work. There were lines of hundreds of American citizens yesterday in Canton, MS to replace the illegal workers. We need to amp up the ICE raids by 10,000. Put Americans to work. Send the illegals packing.

Gere is 70. He looks like he’s 90.

Hard living in Gerbiland takes its toll.

I would say Salvini won that exchange easily.

Salvini 1, Gere 0.

‘Desperate’ migrants with gold chains, perfectly clean white shirts and manicured nails, complete with attitude?

Welcome to Hollywood.

    Yes, it’s such utter bullshit that these people are “refugees.” They are economic migrants who want to live in Italy (or Germany, the U.K., whatever) because they believe they will be better off financially there.

    The taxpayers of those countries have no obligation to take these people in. And the NGO’s that continue to ship these migrant/invaders to Europe should be criminally prosecuted.

    Close The Fed in reply to | August 13, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    OMG, Fine, I missed the GOLD chain!!!!


    What farce!

That poor immigrant with Gere will never make it in Italy with only one gold chain.

About time world leaders start calling out Hollywood Hypocrisy

Social justice is a first-order forcing of catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform, past, present, and in progress, at both ends of the bridge and throughout. It is also peculiarly diversitist complemented with anti-native sentiment and practices. Very Pro-Choice.

That photo of Gere at the top … is it just my perception or is he copping the Epstein look?

Hollywood’s embrace of multicultural neo-communism of today mirrors the pro-Stalinism of 1930’s Hollywood. They literally use the same slogans and methods developed by the comintern in the late 20’s. Only the names have changed.

NGO ‘charity’ front groups with interlocking directorships launder cash and pool funds to subvert elections, fund websites/journalism and buy politicians.

Low IQ Hollywood actors make lists of high profile supporters and release video montages of the supporters parroting the neo-Comintern’s latest slogan. Over the years we’ve seen these videos countless times.

Book: The Red Decade by Eugene Lyons 1941 @

    Tiki in reply to Tiki. | August 13, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    CHAPTER XXIV: Revolution Comes To Hollywood And Broadway

    HOLLYWOOD party has been described to me in such hilarious detail by one of those present that it sticks in my memory. It was on New Year’s Eve in one of those palatial Beverly Hills homes, and only true-blue reds were invited. There were bigwigs of the League of American Writers, activists from the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League, officials of the Motion Pictures Artists Committee. The well-heeled proletarians-average salary $1,000 a week-were doing nobly by the food and liquor. Liveried butlers moved about silently distributing champagne and picking up broken glasses. (…)

    Hollywood, belching with satiety, in the role of a prisoner of starvation! It was cozy and crazy and heartwarming. It was Hollywood, where “colossal” is a diminutive. Perhaps it was no more than appropriate that the make believe revolution of Moscow’s Fourth Period should find one of its most bizarre embodiments in the world’s capital of make-believe. The revolution that came to the town was on the munificent scale of its salaries, its race tracks, its swimming pools: “the goofiest era in cinema legend- a compound of high ideals and low IQ’s; party lines and just parties; noble slogans and ignoble political rackets.” …. I witnessed the revolt of the Hollywood (…)tagging along solemnly in one of the “front” leagues and committees. The political pig Latin of class struggle, anti-fascism, and revolutionary tactics rippled around swimming pools and across dance floors. Five-thousand-dollars-a-week proletarians rattled their gold chains of servitude as Russia, Spain, the sharecroppers, China and the New Masses were saved anew and defended once more.

    (…)It was not the first time, of course, that a comfortable upper class had revolted vicariously for the lower orders. But there was this difference: the Hollywood rebels, with their genius for pretending, actually felt that they were in person the downtrodden, the wretched, the prisoners of starvation. They were titillatingly sorry for themselves.

    (…) Hollywood is a city of “unhappy successful people” and that “communism with two butlers and a swimming pool” gave them at last “a Reason for Living and an alibi for living so absurdly well.” (…) The watered down communism of the Popular Front gave them an identification with the miserable herd, without interfering with their incomes. The consolations of political religion, as dispensed by the local commissars of the Communist Party, fitted their souls exactly; it was an unguent and deliciously perfumed. They loved it, they paid for it, they lived it more earnestly than any other fad that had come their way.

    (…) They had not the remotest idea what communism was in terms of economic structures or political superstates. For nearly all of them it was an intoxicated state of mind, a glow of inner virtue, and a sort of comradeship in super charity. (…) signed shrill manifestoes for infinite causes; they were not “plotting.” They were just doing emotional calisthenics. A few dozen Hollywood names appeared on almost all communist listings between 1936 and 1939 when the Red Decade caught up with the movies. Innocence so long maintained is a kind of achievement, since there must be a point at which even cinema stars become aware of the difference between political love and political rape. The majority were well-meaning and befuddled.

    They were led by their heartstrings into blind alleys of political skulduggery glugged with slogans and made to shell out. The political “commissars”- worked on the simplicity of the Hollywood peasantry. Once a Daily Worker interview with a male glamor lad, written by Beth McHenry, unconsciously betrayed the contempt in which the comrades held the easy marks. “He strikes you,” she wrote of the actor, “as both healthy and intelligent and it’s only incidentally that you remember he is an artist.”

    Variety and Film Daily might continue to cover the drab workaday Hollywood, but the Daily Worker increasingly reported the soul of Hollywood. There you found the record of the ideological emanations of the awakened conscience of the movie capital-its collections for “progress,” the blossoming of ever new organizations, the special showings of Spanish propaganda films, the gay parties and publicity stunts for the cause. There you read interviews with Clifford Odets, William Dieterle, King Vidor and any number of others whose opinions, by some coincidence, fitted into the current drives backed by the Worker. Above all, Stalin’s trade journal carried the day-to-day story of the generous cash contributions by stardom; business is business under any regime.

    One estimate has it that the Stalinists milked the colony for at least two million dollars in the heyday of the Red Decade. Biberman deposited $89,892.51 in a local bank for just one front, the Anti-Nazi League, between May 14, 1936, and August 16, 1939. The neo-Bolsheviks, Hollywood model, followed the new political scripts as blindly as any that fell to their share on location. (…) The decisive battles of the Hollywood Revolution were fought in the living arena of mass meetings, boycotts, benefits, leagues, committees, congresses, conventions, speeches, relief money, telegrams, protests, pamphlets, parades, picket lines, pictures, parties, politics, pledges, petitions, dinners, dances, slogans and all the rest of the effects that made up the united-front show….

    It was at one of these meetings that Gypsy Rose Lee chided her audience to this general effect: “I have not come to lift my skirts, but to lift the embargo on Spain!” It was all most thrilling. At the Hollywood Health Cafeteria, in a hygienic vegetarian setting, screen folk discovered …..

I think Tim Allen said it best about Richard.
“You are a sad, strange, little man. You have my pity. Farewell.”

He’s great in Pretty Woman but he’s an actor. They spend a lot of time in drama club in high school and don’t learn anything but drama.

Dick Cavett recalls meeting John Wayne off set once and was taken aback by finding him reading poetry. Then Cavett realized: he’s an actor, not a cowboy.

So appreciate their movies and pay no other attention. They’re rich but not smart.

Read the Guardian article on this subject which automatically referred to Salvini as a “far right” politician. Looks like anyone to the right of Lenin is now “far right”.

Better yet, contribute to emigration reform to mitigate the progress of immigration reform and collateral damage at both ends of the bridge and throughout.

Anyone know what Richard replied?

    MajorWood in reply to MAB. | August 13, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    He didn’t reply. He had to jet off to somewhere to talk about reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Richard Gere is the same idiot who told 9/11 survivors that we should have understanding and tolerance for the Muslim terrorists who attacked us.

Gere, in addition to being a POS commie, is dumber than a brick.

    ghost dog in reply to Barry. | August 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    You see, I understand you men were just playin’ around, but the brick, he just doesn’t get it. Course, if you were to all apologize…

One small step for Italians, one giant step for Gerbilkind.

This report MUST be WRONG! Richard Gere is a true environmentalist. He would NEVER take a private plane to Europe. I am sure he flies commercial like everyone else in Hollywood.

DouglasJBender | August 13, 2019 at 8:12 pm

Isn’t it possible that poor young male refugee found that gold chain in some sunken treasure during his dangerous journey to freedom?

“Hey, 30 years ago people knew who I was.

Frezz in the hizzy | August 13, 2019 at 8:46 pm

Gerbilman looks like he could do with some sun screen and a wide-brimmed hat.

Prototypical Private Jet/Limousine Liberal. They won’t do themselves ,they want everyone else to listen and do what they want.

Another asshat I’ve written off.One of many.