I might have to buy a copy of this and write a review for Legal Insurrection.

The College Fix reports:

New comedic novel ‘Campusland’ skewers progressive university politics

In his humorous new novel Campusland, author Scott Johnston weaves a tale that wickedly skewers progressive university politics, administrators and social justice warriors.

A former Yale student and adjunct professor, Johnston’s fictional-but-not-really book adeptly satirizes diversity bureaucracies, Title IX trials, and all forms of political correctness.

The College Fix recently interviewed Johnston by phone.

The College Fix: Why write the book?

Scott Johnston: Because no one else had.

I’ll tell you how it came about. I had never been a novelist, but about three years ago I went to a free-speech conference at Yale – mind you, it wasn’t sponsored by Yale, they wouldn’t sponsor such a thing – but it was held there, sponsored by the William F. Buckley society. And 200 protesters, students, showed up and tried to physically shut the conference down, having skipped irony class that day probably to show up and protest.

I was stunned. There was security there that kept them out, but when the thing was over, I and everyone else walked out through this phalanx of shouting students, and that’s when I began to wonder – college is getting so crazy, why hasn’t anybody sort of given this the Tom Wolfe treatment? The satirical wit treatment? Because it’s pretty ripe for it.

So I just started knocking it around in my head. But I wasn’t a fiction writer.

Then fast forward to my college reunion, also at Yale, and I was holding a door open for a girl who I think was an undergraduate who was working the reunions, and she stopped dead in her tracks and she looked at me and said, “patriarchy!” She accused me of patriarchy and wouldn’t go through the door. And we had this standoff for about a minute.

Literally at that moment, I said, “alright, I’ll figure out how to write the goddamn thing.” So I just started writing, and had no idea how to find a publisher or anything, but it all worked out well.


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