Sunday, a man approached CNN’s Chris Cuomo referring to him as “Fredo” and asked him for a photograph. Cuomo was out with his family. Cuomo seemed to take great offense at the “Fredo” remark and proceeded to rip the guy a new one.


The video was filmed and sent to a YouTube program called “That’s The Point With Brandon” who published it. According to the original video, the description is as follows:

Footage sent in by a TTP fan. A fan of news went to ask Chris Cuomo for a photo, mind you the man who asked him DID NOT know his real name and knows of him only through The RUSH LIMBUAGH [sic] SHOW and on that show Rush repeatedly calls him “FREDO” so the man legitimately thought his name was FREDO. At this point CHRIS CUOMO LOSES IT AND THREATENS THE MAN WITH VIOLENCE!

And now the internet is split. The whole thing looks an awful lot like a “gotcha” journalism set up, which is the worst of the worst in the world of journalism, but it could’ve been innocent enough. In any case, opinion is completely split as to whether Cuomo’s response was justified, being that he was out with his family, minding his own business when he was insulted by some rando dude or whether he was completely off his rocker.

Trump Responds

From the Cuomo Was Justified Crowd:

Or Maybe Cuomo Overreacted, By A Lot


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