What a day.

The news that Jeffrey Epstein dies in prison set off a feeding frenzy of #ClintonBodyCount versus #TrumpBodyCount.

Befitting the times in which we live, #ClintonBodyCount took the lead in Twitter Trending, only later to be overtaken by #TrumpBodyCount. leading to accusations that Twitter had manipulated the Trends to give prominence to anti-Trump voices.

The loons of Trump-Russa Collusion blamed the initial #ClintonBodyCount surge on Russian bots:

While there were some people who seemed to believe one or the other body counts, I think most people participating were just doing it for the troll factor. In the war of #ClintonBodyCount versus #TrumpBodyCount, #ClintonBodyCount was much funnier:

No one actually believes the Clintons got to Epstein. Right? Right?

After three years of Russia Collusion Conspiracy theories pushed non-stop by the mainstream media, this all seemed tame.


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