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Branco Cartoon – Creeping Up On Him

Branco Cartoon – Creeping Up On Him

What goes around, comes around

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    userpen in reply to rinardman. | August 22, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    Ah yes! The stealthy Indian princess, Gropeahontas, has has taken up Biden’s usual position, coming from behind groping and sniffing with her large proboscis. She appears ready to give him a kiss. Biden responds with, “Grrrrr!” because she’s a minority woman. Otherwise, he would have a smile bigger than a Cheshire cat.

Remove the unnecessary text, and this becomes great political art.

AFB – that one will likely be my fave of 2019. It’s perfect!

Where’s the tomahawk for scalping off his vanity-inspired hair plugs?

I am still left with wondering what the heck is wrong with democrats that they can see anything in her that is appealing.

Fraud. Phony intellectual who got her job through affirmative action, not ability. Liar. Grating. Shrill. But at least she has high cheek bones… which Biden might enjoy sniffing.

Did biden drop the soap?