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Audit Finds 84,000 Duplicate Voter Records in California’s ‘Motor Voter’ System

Audit Finds 84,000 Duplicate Voter Records in California’s ‘Motor Voter’ System

Will California’s troubled system cast a shadow over 2020 election results?

California’s ‘Motor Voter’ system has produced the kind of results that you would expect from a power-grabbing, progressive bureaucracy.

California’s ambitious effort to automate voter registration at Department of Motor Vehicle offices produced almost 84,000 duplicate records and more than twice that number with political party mistakes, according to an audit released Friday by state officials.

The analysis covered just the first five months of the new “motor voter” program, which was launched in April 2018. It found a wide array of problems with the rollout of the DMV system, including a limited amount of testing as well as inconsistent and confusing lines of communication between the state agencies involved in its creation. Many of the findings align with documents discovered by the Los Angeles Times in an investigation earlier this year of the motor voter program.

Auditors reviewed more than 3 million voter registration files, comparing records from both DMV and California’s secretary of state. They found 83,684 duplicate voter registrations, a mistake attributed to inconsistencies in what was listed for voters’ political party preferences.

It seems that California officials were warned that the Motor Voter system was not ready for its official launch last year. Undaunted, the politicos moved forward with the program.

As California prepared to launch its new Motor Voter program last year, top elections officials say they asked Secretary of State Alex Padilla to hold off on the roll-out.

The plan called for the Department of Motor Vehicles to automatically register people who came into its offices, one of several efforts by Democrats controlling California politics to make it easier for more people to vote.

With the June 2018 primary approaching, election officials said they warned that the department that manages car registration and boat licenses was not yet prepared to register voters.

“There wasn’t the appropriate readiness to go forward in April, and that was brought to the Secretary of State,” said Dean Logan, registrar for Los Angeles County, adding that he “definitely expressed concern” to the Secretary of State’s Office, as well as Padilla himself.

As RealClearPolitics contributor Susan Crabtree notes, there was also a cyberattack on the California system before the June 2018 primary that exposed serious vulnerabilities with the system. It is also not clear from subsequent investigations of the attack and other system glitches that were also reported if any noncitizens were allowed to vote in the June 2018 primary and what impact the botched rollout had on the midterm elections across the state.

Questions also remain over whether the problems, combined with several other recent state laws designed to ease voter registration and the process of getting ballots to the ballot box — including the most lenient ballot-harvesting law in the nation — exacerbated ballot-box irregularities.

In the lead-up to the midterms, California also passed a law that allowed people to register to vote the same day of an election, making verifying their U.S. citizenship and California residency nearly impossible.

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that as mail-in and absentee ballots were counted after the November 2018 election, Republicans lost several seats in California districts. The losses include seven in Orange Country, a former reliably red area of the state.

One has to wonder if the confluence of these glitches, problems, and hiccups didn’t contribute to the further bluing of this state.

And there is also the question as to whether California’s troubled Motor Voter system will cast a shadow over 2020 election results!


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Who is surprised? I know I’m not.

    As a child, I accompanied my parent into a voting booth in which they voted by flipping a lever next to a candidate’s name. Some time later, the voting machines would be – purportedly – examined to see the results of the days’ votes.

    Even then, as a child, I laughed at it, and saw the obvious corruption it provided for.

    rabidfox in reply to Virginia42. | August 13, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    The only thing that surprises me about this is that ONLY 84,000 duplicate voters were found.

“One has to wonder if the confluence of these glitches, problems, and hiccups didn’t contribute to the further bluing of this state.”

Sounds like a valued feature to Socialist-Democrats.

The national motor votor law needs to be repealed as well, in addition to this absurd ‘early voting’ and the implementation of Voter ID. We *must* clean up our elections.

The larger problem with these “motor voter” laws is that they create massive opportunity for “ballot harvesting” and flat-out absentee ballot fraud. The laws create many millions of additional registered voters, voters who are not sufficiently motivated on their own to register to vote. These people’s votes are easily hijacked from the mailbox, or through “persuasion.”

The Dims are hell-bent on corrupting our election system because they’re blindly power hungry totalitarians. We’ve got to clean this mess up before they wrest power away completely; be assured they’ll never give it up again if they succeed in that.

    OnTheLeftCoast in reply to Paul. | August 12, 2019 at 11:04 am

    “The larger problem with these “motor voter” laws is that they create massive opportunity for “ballot harvesting” and flat-out absentee ballot fraud.”

    The real problem is the political party that passes the laws that create the opportunities and dominates the state and local branches of the administrative state.

“Auditors reviewed more than 3 million voter registration files..”

There are more than 18 million registered voters in California, so they only looked at 1/6 of the total records. Anybody want to bet that a careful spot-check of x% of these 18 million records will show far greater than this percentage of duplicates/errors/illegals/etc…

But by all means, let’s get rid of the Electoral College! SMH

It took three years for my friend to get her deceased husband removed from the Santa Clara voting registration.

I filled out the forms to remove my husband and myself from the voter records when we moved out of CA…but did it stop the automatic absentee ballots from being mailed…nope.

“system glitches”

There is no such thing as a system “glitch.”

Defects are either in hardware or software. The only question is whether the defects are intentional or not (e.g., incompetence). If I consider the left’s own words “By any means necessary,” I can make a good guess.

Duplicate voting would be the problem, not duplicate registrations. Registrations are just old addresses usually.

    Duplicate registration results in duplicate ballots floating around which enables fraud. So yeah, it most certainly is a problem.

    RITaxpayer in reply to rhhardin. | August 12, 2019 at 1:09 pm

    Rhode Island, with just over 1 million in total population, has about 200,000 too many voters on the rolls.

    We should have 592,672 voters based on U.S. Census Bureau estimates but we have 781,770 people registered, an excess of about 32 percent.

    RI is a heavy blue state and by golly we’re going to stay that way by hook or by crook.

    Cali isn’t alone, they just get more press.

The 2018 elections were easily the dirtiest and most corrupt in our nation’s history.

But 2020 will make 2018 look pristine by comparison. Americans will go to the polls in states like Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin next November to vote in an election already decided by Democrat governors. Get ready for President Warren (or Harris, or Buttigieg) and the coming widespread crackdown on civil rights.

The big problem with California’s motor voter laws is that there is no requirement for proof of citizenship. California is not drivers licenses, or state ID, conform to the Real ID Act. So, we have no idea how many of the voters, registered through this program, are illegal immigrants.

    randian in reply to Mac45. | August 12, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    There are probably plenty of legal immigrants in those voter rolls as well, who, not being citizens, are just as ineligible to vote as illegal immigrants are.

84,000? Only? So did they stop after examining only one precinct?

voter rolls ought to be flushed entirely after each presidential election. You’ll have four years to get registered again. IIRC, every post office has such forms.

Within months of moving from the OC (to North Carolina) in 2018 we received a card from voter registration to affirm we moved out of state or were still current residents of OC. We are registered Republicans… They could not have removed us faster!!

And AG Barr is……….?

Any voter ‘gimmick’ is conduit for voter fraud. If online voting is EVER approved, that’ll be the end of free elections, and our republic.

Paper ballots forever. It’s the price of liberty. As the paper ballot goes, so goes free elections.

Bring in third world immigrants get third world problems.

But those paper Americans are just as American as you and me.

Enjoy your low-trust society.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are reported to have voted in the last election….with not even a driver’s license check. They do it differently in Detroit. Fully half the ballot boxes had 50% more votes on the tab sheets than in the boxes….and every single one of the tab sheets favored a straight Democratic ticket. We are talking of over a thousand ballot boxes. In Broward County Florida, the votes are simply manufactured after the election from registered voters who did not vote. The ballots are pre-filled out. As soon as the polls close they fill in the name of the registered but non-voting. This is then counted and if a mistake is made, the bad ballots simply thrown out as an over-vote. In the last election Broward destroyed several thousand of such in spite of a freeze order.

Are you saying there are 84,000 registrations by Juan Valdez?

It’s a feature, not a bug. I also want to know who audited the records. If it’s a state agency then the real number of false registrations is probably much higher than the number given.

I’d be willing to bet over half of that number are deceased.

“Audit Finds 84,000 Duplicate Voter Records in California’s ‘Motor Voter’ System”

A drop in the bucket. You can bet your last nickel there are literally MILLIONS of illegals registered to vote in California alone.

“Audit Finds 84,000 Duplicate Voter Records in California’s ‘Motor Voter’ System”

A drop in the bucket. You can bet your last nickel there are literally MILLIONS of illegals registered to vote in California alone.