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Art Professor Compares University’s Diversity Workshop to Orwell’s Animal Farm

Art Professor Compares University’s Diversity Workshop to Orwell’s Animal Farm

“I am reminded of the re-education camps and totalitarian regimes.”

It’s so refreshing to hear someone in academia complain in this way.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: NC art prof slams faculty diversity workshop, claims admin using Orwell as ‘instruction manual’

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts told faculty to choose between two dates for a diversity workshop conducted by a professor who trains “incoming white students [at another school] to deeply consider white privilege and antiracism.”

Campus Reform obtained an email in which UNCSA Provost and Interim Executive Vice Chancellor Karin Peterson announced an “In-Service Day” hosted by the school on September 11.

“I trust that this message provides you with ample time to include this afternoon in your class preparation and planning, as necessary,” Peterson said, describing the diversity, equity, and inclusion-themed event.

The UNCSA provost said that the school had contracted Illinois Wesleyan University professor of sociology Meghan Burke for the workshop. Along with having written three books pertaining to race and social theory, Burke has also “co-developed and directs [IWU’s] Engaging Diversity pre-orientation program, a 3-day intensive program for incoming white students to deeply consider white privilege and antiracism so they can work as allies for social and racial justice,” according to Peterson’s faculty bio.

“Engaging a workshop leader who sorts incoming students by their skin color and then subjects students of one race to three days of intensive indoctrination is all you need to know about this chilling effort to enforce closed-mindedness and eliminate diversity of thought on the UNCSA campus,” a UNCSA faculty member who wished to remain anonymous told Campus Reform. “I am reminded of the re-education camps and totalitarian regimes. It seems like the UNCSA administration is familiar with George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Instead of using it as a warning about totalitarianism and forced groupthink, they are using it as an instruction manual.”


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UNC’s Communist/Socialist reeducation course…prerequisite to the “America is bad because of white people” reeducation course.

“… as an instruction manual.”

Someone needs to find that prof and give him a medal. Best line I’ve heard in quite a while.

Sounds really bad in Illinois, one thing after another.