If they’re not basing grades on quality, what is the standard they’re using?

The College Fix reports:

American University trains faculty not to judge quality of writing when grading

Earlier this year, American University invited an outside professor to teach its faculty how to pursue “antiracist ends” through writing assessments.

Asao Inoue of the University of Washington-Tacoma is known for advocating that students should be graded based on the “labor” they put into their work, not the “quality” of the finished product.

The training has now moved in-house, according to a faculty workshop taking place Thursday morning.

Neisha-Anne Green of the Academic Support and Access Center and Marnie Twigg of the Writing Studies Program will lead the session, titled “How to Incorporate Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Your Classroom.”

The description says the session builds on strategies that Inoue taught in February. It will show participants how to revise course materials so they don’t accidentally promote or reinforce racist practices:

Participants will work together with facilitators and each other to reimagine course materials with an eye for these practices. Participants will submit a writing assignment prompt, rubric, or other assessment-related materials of their choosing prior to the session. Facilitators will provide feedback on these materials, opportunities to workshop them in small groups with writing experts, and models for troubleshooting when things don’t go the way you plan.

While the description doesn’t specify the components of “anti-racist writing assessment practices,” the agenda for Inoue’s daylong seminar from February provides clues.


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