If he’s asking the question, the answer should be obvious.

The Washington Examiner reports:

UCLA professor ‘seriously wonders’ if he would have been hired at university with new diversity requirements

UCLA’s new diversity requirements have met some strong criticism.

Stephen Bainbridge, a professor at UCLA’s School of Law, took issue with the “anti-conservative bias” in the new mandatory equity, diversity, and inclusion statements required as part of their hiring process. In a tweet and blog post, Bainbridge wondered whether he or someone else with similar political views “could get hired here today.”

The statements were also criticized by Nora McNulty of The Daily Bruin, who said they would “[stifle diversity] by limiting qualified new hires to social activists who mirror administrator’s agendas.”

The statement is a “short essay that lays out a candidate’s past contributions and future plans to further equity, diversity, and inclusion.” The statement has to be submitted for all new applicants and for all applicants asking for a raise.

UCLA has been criticized in the past for their alleged anti-conservative bias. In 2017, a part-time lecturer Keith Fink was fired from UCLA for his teaching not being “up to par.” Fink objected, claiming that he was pushed out because of his conservative political beliefs and his free speech class, which occasionally criticized the university.

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