This looks like a classic example of intersectionality. Every group’s struggle is the same struggle, according to the left.

Campus Reform reports:

UFlorida ‘Undocupeers’ training: People can ‘come out’ as illegal aliens

The University of Florida has hosted several sensitivity trainings, suggesting that students can “come out” as illegal aliens and that illegal aliens can apply to the school as international students.

Titled “Undocupeers,” the trainings aim to “educate the UF community on the history, policies, and current challenges impacting students with vulnerable immigration status.”

Campus Reform attended a portion of the final training of the 2019 spring semester and obtained an agenda and definition sheet.

The definition sheet includes several general and legal terms regarding immigration, but also terms like “Coming Out” and “UndocuQueer” to describe illegal immigrant students who share their status and illegal immigrant students who also happen to be members of the LGBT community, respectively.

The document also describes “illegal” as a “dehumanizing term” and a “slur” against illegal aliens.

A notable moment in the training came when Diana Moreno, UF’s assistant director for multicultural and diversity affairs, claimed that many illegal immigrant applicants falsely claim to be international students when applying to UF.

“A lot of our students who don’t have a Social Security number might apply as international students, but then, you know, if they’re eligible for that out-of-state tuition waiver [they can get it later in the process].”

An increasing international student population leads to increased competition for American students for limited available spots at colleges and universities, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Colleges and universities also have a financial incentive to accept international students because they pay out-of-state tuition.


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