I guess Joe Biden won tonight’s debate because he was awake, didn’t slur his words too much, and double-talked his way out of numerous attacks by reminding everyone he used to work with Barack Obama.

Biden got a big assist from Kamala Harris, who proved that her intellect is a mile wide and an inch deep, and that her electric moment attacking Biden in an earlier debate was a one-off. Tulsi Gabbard ripped Harris on her record as a prosecutor, and Harris never addressed the specific charges against her.

But most of all, this was sleep-inducing. It was so sleep inducing that at one point Kirsten Gillibrand was caught off guard when asked a question, as if she was napping, and didn’t know what the question was. So she mumbled something about Trump.

When she was awake, Gillibrand did what she does best: embarrass herself.

It made last night’s debate seem, by comparison, riveting.

There also was a weird vibe of candidates attacking Obama policies, particularly deportation, as a way of attacking Biden.

If I were a Democrat watching tonight, I’d be deeply depressed.


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