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Survey Finds Economics, Accounting, and Finance Majors Oppose Socialism

Survey Finds Economics, Accounting, and Finance Majors Oppose Socialism

“for the most part, strongly opposed to it”

This makes perfect sense. It also shows a way to combat socialism. Educate more people on these specific topics.

Campus Reform reports:

SURVEY: Economics, accounting, finance majors mostly OPPOSE socialism

A new College Pulse survey found that 8 in 10 philosophy majors support socialism while economics majors strongly oppose it.

The survey of 10,590 undergraduate students explored how one’s college major correlates with the approval of socialism as an economic system. Philosophy majors have an overwhelmingly favorable view of socialism — almost eight in ten (78 percent) say that they favor socialism. Meanwhile, 64 percent of anthropology students and 58 percent of English and international relations students favored socialism.

“Capitalism is a failure of a system,” an Appalachian State University student told the College Pulse. “If you weren’t born rich, you [aren’t] gonna be rich, so we should be focusing on helping our neighbors.”

The student also stated that those who supported capitalism were defending “a system designed to keep them poor and exhausted.”

The poll found that nearly four in ten (39 percent) of total undergraduate students held favorable views toward socialism.

In total, however, only 12 percent of students would be very enthusiastic about voting for a candidate who is a self-described socialist. But 30 percent said that they would be comfortable supporting a candidate who is a socialist.

While students in humanities fields mostly favored socialism, students in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, and law/criminology were, for the most part, strongly opposed to it, the survey found.

Only 20 percent of accounting majors stated they had either a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” of socialism, while 22 percent, 26 percent, and 28 percent of students majoring in finance, economics, and law/criminology, respectively, said the same.


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Philosophy, Anthropology, English, and International Relations are all majors where a BA will get a job where they can say, “would you like to super-size your combo?”

Where Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Logistics majors are all business majors that are in demand in a capitalistic society. The poll should have included the statistics of having a job within 90 days of graduation and the amount of college debt each group had on average. My guess the socialists would have incurred the most debt and have a more difficult time finding a professional job upon graduation.