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Someone Needs to Let Beto O’Rourke Know He’s Finished

Someone Needs to Let Beto O’Rourke Know He’s Finished

“The excitement has just kinda died down as we’ve seen him just be another white guy running for president”

It was obvious that Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is getting desperate when he said this week that the United States was founded on white supremacy. Now we can confirm that Beto-mania is yesterday’s news. Someone needs to tell Beto it’s over.

This Washington Post article by Jenna Johnson and Emily Davies reads like a campaign epitaph:

They used to be Beto O’Rourke fans. But Texans’ allegiance to him has vanished as quickly as ‘Beto-mania.’

Just nine months ago, attorney Katie Baron was so inspired by Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign in Texas that she commissioned a sprawling mural in an alleyway in east Austin featuring the candidate in a Superman-like pose.

After O’Rourke lost the race and began mulling a presidential campaign, the artist added a sweeping “2020” in blue paint — providing what seemed to be yet one more call for O’Rourke to get into the crowded race.

Now, four months into O’Rourke’s campaign, Baron wishes he had stayed out.

After the first Democratic presidential debate last month, Baron posted an altered picture of the mural on a Facebook page dedicated to the artwork. She had replaced O’Rourke’s face with Sen. Kamala D. Harris’s and wrote: “Don’t worry, still got PLENTY of love for Beto, but Kamala earned herself a little recognition too last night!” The comments filled with messages from angry O’Rourke supporters and a few excited Harris backers.

This is the most telling part:

“If the primary vote was tomorrow, he wouldn’t have my vote,” said Baron, 35, who likes Harris (D-Calif.) for her sharp intellect and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for her methodical policy papers.

“Being part of the Beto-mania that was fueling the fire, I can see why he kind of thought he had no choice but to enter,” she said. “Honestly, I did get a little caught up. We were still riding the wave of the midterms.”

Beto has simply outrun his usefulness for the left. When people believed there was a chance he could defeat Ted Cruz, he was a national sensation. Now that he’s sharing the stage with so many other candidates, he is boring by comparison.

“I think Texas still loves Beto. The difference is Texas voters have more suitors now,” said Ed Espinoza, the executive director of Progress Texas, a rapid response media organization based in Austin…

“The excitement has just kinda died down as we’ve seen him just be another white guy running for president,” said Gabrielle Harris, 19, the vice president of the Texas College Democrats who was a student fellow for O’Rourke’s 2018 campaign.

At the time of this writing, Beto has 2.2% support in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. That’s a full three points behind Pete Buttigieg.

David Siders of Politico writes:

Reeling O’Rourke seeks a way forward

He got battered in his first presidential debate. His poll numbers have sunk to low single digits. Glowing press coverage has given way to questions about how long he can hang on.

Beto O’Rourke’s candidacy today is almost an inversion of what it was at the start of his campaign less than four months ago. Back then, he bathed in national attention and raised a staggering $6.1 million on the first day of his campaign, while drawing criticism for his light policy footprint and lack of campaign infrastructure.

Today, even as he’s assembled a stable of experienced operatives and released a spate of policy proposals, the former Texas congressman is polling at 2 percent nationally in the latest Morning Consult survey. One Iowa poll released this week put him at 1 percent in the state. A fundraising machine in his Senate campaign last year, O’Rourke has dodged questions about his latest performance in the money race.

The writing has been on the wall for a while now. I’ll leave you with this clip from CNN on the night of the first Democrat debate:


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Beto has become the Democrat’s Weld, just another privileged white guy running for president.

Maybe he should change his (fake) name from Beto to something more noticeably ethnic. How about Shaquille? That will revive his campaign!

O’Rourke only did as well as he did in 2018 because (1) heavier than usual voting fraud, particularly in Harris county and the Rio Grande valley, and (2) a Republican opponent who didn’t take him seriously and who barely campaigned (I gathered from some local disgruntled Republican Party workers that Cruz blew much of his considerable campaign war-chest on high-priced Washington consultants that basically told him the race was in the bag and he didn’t need to do anything).

    I was incredibly disappointed in Cruz’s campaign – it was terrible. It let me know that he should never be a Presidential candidate again, he doesn’t know how to campaign effectively.

    It does me great joy to see how Beto has destroyed his credibility forever – he’s never going to win a statewide office now. He’s done.

    That still doesn’t account for the 200k vote difference between Abbott and Cruz.

      Abbot campaigned hard. He ran TV commercials and pumped the flesh on the campaign trail, and his Democrat opponent was pretty much an underfunded afterthought.

      Cruz was MIA from the beginning. He looked at the vote he got in the GOP primary, saw that it was larger than the entire vote for all the Democrat Senate candidates, and apparently decided to mail it in. It was a boneheaded blunder that almost cost him. I did not see a single Cruz TV ad, no bumper stickers, and no yard signs until an independent group printed some up because they feared (correctly) that Cruz might lose. I also think Cruz got mesmerized by some polls that showed him with a 9 point lead.

      There is a reason O’Rourke decided to not challenge the other Texas Republican senator this time around. Say what you will about Cronyn, but there is no way he would try to coast to re-election the way Cruz did. I think O’Rourke knew this, and decided to run for president instead, which he hopes could lead him to (at a minimum) a Cabinet post in a future Democrat administration.

Like all the other white guys running for the Dim nomination, Beta’s only chance is to leak a sex tape of him with a trannie… it’s the only way he’ll ever be “woke” enough for the SJW morons that make up the Dim base.

It’s the “vision thing” again. Trump has one. Everyone else doesn’t. They hate Trump while America doesn’t. That is their platform. “(Fill in the blank) and I hate Trump!” is their message. I can win because I am gay or female or black or….

However, they are all united which having the government putting the entire world population on US welfare.

Garden variety attention whore, nothing more.

Hey, don’t write off Skateboard Bob just yet. I’m sure he still has the 12-year-old demographic all sewn up.

Beto was cool, but VHS prevailed. Laser disc made a show. Then came DVD, etc.

He’s still got infinite money thru his wife’s family. He will continue to beset us for decades, in one annoying way or another.

Reeling. Reeling?!?

Pulling toilet paper off the roll is reeling … when you get to the end, there’s just a hollow tube.

Like the empty suit that is Beto.

healthguyfsu | July 14, 2019 at 1:10 pm

“If the primary vote was tomorrow, he wouldn’t have my vote,” said Baron, 35, who likes Harris (D-Calif.) for her sharp intellect and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for her methodical policy papers.”

Quite the groupie…surprise, surprise in Austin no loss. I wonder how many of these “papers” little miss sunshine has even read.

See: Pan, flash in the

DouglasJBender | July 14, 2019 at 1:27 pm

So how do I get in contact with Beto?

Beto couldn’t beat Ted Cruz in Texas, with the entire DNC and Hollywod machines behind him, not even with Cruz yawning, failing to take him seriously and simply not even running a real campaign.
So, how high of a fever makes someone believe that this guy stands a chance for the White House?
Are they really that delusional?

Reason 1 – Abbott ran a very good campaign, Cruz ran a terrible, consultant led campaign.

Reason 2 – the GOP-e and the Bush machine (same thing in Texas) always hated Cruz for knocking off their ally Dewhurst, and would have loved to see Cruz lose. I think a lot of the votes FOR Abbott and AGAINST Cruz came from this bunch.

    txvet2 in reply to Tom Servo. | July 14, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Your reason 1 is highly unlikely, as was the claim of massive voter fraud (very little has been found after a pretty thorough investigation). Without other motivation, most Republicans would be expected to vote a straight ticket, or at most would vote third party, not vote against their own interests. Reason 2 – Cruz racked up about 4.4 million votes (56% of the vote) in 2012 after beating Dewhurst in the primary runoff. If the “Bush machine” was going to toss the seat to a Democrat, it seems far more likely that they would have done it then when the wound was fresh and there was no incumbent, not 6 years later. (That’s if you believe in the “Bush machine – I never have believed Texans in general were that happy with either Bush.)

    In 2018 Cruz got about 4.2 million votes , just about 200k less than 2012 and about the same less than Abbott, with roughly the same number of total votes cast for each seat. The main cause of the closer election in 2018 was Democrat turnout – around a million more than 2012. Only one thing happened between the two elections to change the dynamic as far as Cruz was concerned and that was the bitter primary battle with Trump and his failure to endorse Trump at the convention, and that, my friend, accounts for those 200k missing votes.

      I question how “thorough” any voter fraud investigation really was. Such an investigation cannot be done solely by the state AG office and the investigative arm of the DPS. Local officials must cooperate, and in Harris county in particular they made a great show of declining to help, screaming “VOTER SUPPRESSION!”

        Oh, I’m not saying that there wasn’t any at all, and I was vocal about my concerns at the time, but there are simply no indications that there was enough to have any serious impact on the election. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be more come 2020. It’s a tried and true leftist election “strategy” and I doubt the handful of convictions they got will deter anybody.

          txvet2 in reply to txvet2. | July 14, 2019 at 4:08 pm

          To clarify, Dem turnout increased by about a million between 2012 and 2018. I don’t know how much of that was legitimate, how much was fraud, and how much was crossover; but it didn’t affect the results, and the point of discussion was the 200K difference in Republican votes between Abbott and Cruz, not the difference in Dem votes.

    afan in reply to Tom Servo. | July 14, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    FWIW, in the last election, two of my Texas friends, one of whom worked closely on the first Cruz campaign were in (independent) agreement that Cruz was a despicable person and not one that they would vote for.

      Tom Servo in reply to afan. | July 14, 2019 at 7:28 pm

      Cruz is acknowledged by everyone as being the most skillful and accomplished Trial lawyer in either the Senate or the House.

      Being a kind, friendly, understanding person is not generally found in people who are known as top Trial Lawyers.

You could say the same thing to everyone but Harris, Warren, Buttigieg, Biden and Sanders.

But, the more candidates. the more they’ll get the others to say stupid stuff.

He’s not finished. He has his place like eric swalwell has his.

Has anyone figured out what eric swalwell’s neurological problem is?

The next shiny new thing that could possibly be different would be to have an alien from space run for President. Yeah, that would be great!!

“just be another white guy running for president”? You mean another socialist moron, right?

It was over for Beto before he even announced,evidently he hadn’t a clue.

Wow, does this mean Beto will need to find a REAL JOB?

harleycowboy | July 15, 2019 at 10:26 am

Let him run. The more money they waste the better.

Texas DemocRats were enamored of this loon from the beginning. But DemocRats love a loser. He lost to Cruz and that was so successful he ran for President. This is how DemocRats work. The bigger your failure the higher your place in the Party. Look at Hillary.

tic...tic...BOOM | July 15, 2019 at 9:50 pm

OK. Happy to oblige. Bobby ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, take the fork out. You’re done.