Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) went after Robert Mueller over his conclusion that his team could not exonerate Trump on obstruction of justice:

Giving Mr. Mueller little chance to response, Mr. Ratcliffe said it was inappropriate for a prosecutor to try to exonerate someone. Pressing further, Mr. Ratcliffe asked Mr. Mueller if he could name another instance of the Justice Department stating that someone was not exonerated other than Mr. Trump

“I cannot,” Mr. Mueller said.

“Because there is a presumption of innocence, prosecutors never, ever need to conclusively determinate it,” Mr. Ratcliffe said, accusing Mr. Mueller of violating the standard operating procedure of prosecutors.

“Everyone is entitled to it, including sitting presidents,” Mr. Ratcliffe said. He also accused Mr. Mueller of not following the special-counsel regulations.

“Nowhere in here does it say write here in a report about decisions not reached,” he said, referring to Mr. Mueller’s declining to reach a determination whether or not Mr. Trump had commited obstruction of justice.


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