This is one of the reasons people are so on edge over politics. One side is repeatedly accusing the other of pure evil.

The College Fix reports:

Professor denounces student’s MAGA hat: ‘Undeniable symbol of white supremacy’

A law professor recently declared in print that a student’s “Make America Great Again” hat constituted “racial antagonism” and stood as an “undeniable symbol of white supremacy.” The professor offered no evidence that the student wearing the hat was racist.

Jeffrey Omari, a visiting assistant professor at Gonzaga University School of Law, wrote in the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal that near the end of the past academic year he witnessed a student come to class wearing a “Make America Great Again” or “MAGA” hat. The hat, which is bright red with bold white lettering, is a distinctive symbol of the Trump presidential campaign and of Donald Trump more generally. Omari refers to the slogan as “an undeniable symbol of white supremacy and hatred toward certain nonwhite groups.”

Laying eyes on the student’s hat (and confessing that he “knew this student’s political leanings from our various class discussions”), Omari writes: “…I was unsure whether the student was directing a hateful message toward me or if he merely lacked decorum and was oblivious to how his hat might be interpreted by his black law professor. I presumed it was the former.”


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