If you have followed this story, you know that Professor Peter Boghossian is being punished for the crime of exposing the insanity of left-wing academia. Back story here.

The College Fix reports:

Portland State bans professor from research for getting ‘grievance studies’ hoaxes published

He brought “rape culture” in dog parks to the masses. The “research” may have been among his last published as a Portland State University professor.

Philosopher Peter Boghossian has been banned from both human-subjects and sponsored research by the public university, owing to his participation in a “grievance studies” project with two other academics, according to a PSU letter he posted Tuesday.

Along with Areo editor-in-chief Helen Pluckrose and mathematician James Lindsay, Boghossian got seven hoax academic papers accepted by prestigious peer-reviewed journals, four of those published.

When they admitted to the stunt, they claimed the project was intended to “reboot the conversation” on topics such as gender, race and sexuality.

Portland State had already determined that the untenured Boghossian had violated rules on human-subjects research by not getting permission to submit hoax research papers to journal reviewers, who were “human subjects” in the university’s view.

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