During the crowded Democrat presidential debate, preference was given first to Elizabeth Warren, who bombed her big opportunity and so shifted to Kamala Harris. Less popular candidates were given substantially less air time and were frequently iced out (see Delaney) and all but completely ignored.

Both Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson claim their mics were shut off unless they were called on, unlike other candidates whose mics were on throughout the entire debate.

According the The Daily Caller, Andrew Yang also claimed his mic was shut off:

“There were also a few times, FYI, where I just started talking, being like, ‘Hey, I want to add something there,’ and my mic was not on,” Yang said to his supporters following the debate.

“And it’s this sort of thing where, it’s not like if you started talking, it takes over the [conversation]. It’s like I was talking, but nothing was happening. And it was like, ‘Oh f—.’ So that happened a bit too,” Yang continued.

MSNBC denies the claims, at least as they pertain to Yang. “At no point during the debate was any candidate’s microphone turned off or muted,” said an NBC spokesman.


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