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Mother Jones writer somehow spins drop in racial resentment since 2016 against Trump

Mother Jones writer somehow spins drop in racial resentment since 2016 against Trump

Racial resentment has dropped, so MJ writer warns that it may make Trump try harder to stir racial resentment

Just when you thought you’ve heard all the crazy.  The perpetually outraged, feverishly joyless progressive left is never happy.  America is always in crisis, people are always in crisis, the whole world is always in crisis.  And plastic straws!

Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw the following headline at progressive outlet Mother Jones:  “Racial Resentment Is Down Since 2016.” That’s great, I thought!  We want that, don’t we?  All of us:  left, right, center?

Not so fast, apparently.  This admitted decrease in racial resentment is a crisis in the making.  After all, if racial resentment is down under President Trump, something is wrong with the left’s narrative that Trump is causing racial divisions and is personally responsible for every real and imagined racist word, thought, and deed.

Among white Republicans in the pre-Obama years, the number who felt that the biggest problem among blacks was lack of willpower (LOW) was pretty steady at around 50 percent. But when Obama was elected president, LOW suddenly shot up by ten points. The mere fact of having a black man in the White House was enough to trigger feelings of racial resentment.

This faded out a bit over the next six years, but in 2016 LOW was still five points higher than it had been before Obama was elected. This is one of the things that helped Donald Trump get elected.

But look what’s happened since. With Obama gone, LOW plummeted 11 points. It’s now precisely where it would be if it had followed the pre-Obama trendline for another ten years.

This suggests that racial resentment among white Republicans has been on a steady downward trend for more than 20 years, interrupted only by the election of Barack Obama. But with Obama now out of the picture, racial resentment is way down from 2016 . . . .

Instead of being happy with a clear socio-cultural good, Mother Jones somehow manages to spin this into an indictment of President Trump.

But with Obama now out of the picture, racial resentment is way down from 2016, which means that Donald Trump has far less raw racial material to work with than he did four years ago. This doesn’t mean that Democrats can go hog-wild in the wokeness sweepstakes, but it does mean that Trump’s increasingly vitriolic racism is probably having less of an effect than we fear.

The most likely outcome of all this is that Trump will feel like he needs to go further and further to get the same response he did in 2016, and that will eventually force him to go too far.

It’s often said that if Trump cured cancer the left would be upset that related jobs would dry up.  Usually, I think this is amusing because it cuts to the heart of the left’s irrational view of the president in a colorful and seemingly hyperbolic way.  Perhaps it’s not so hyperbolic, after all.

Somewhere, Trump’s 2020 campaign team is smiling.


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ScottTheEngineer | July 20, 2019 at 4:19 pm

I still cant get over Barack telling an audiance in has first presidential address that unemployment and food stamp use has Increased and watching the audiance cheer like it’s a good thing.

Just when you thought you’ve heard all the crazy.

No, I haven’t thought I’ve heard all the crazy for a very long time.

And, as long as there are leftists in the world, I never will.

Past white light through a prism and one sees the colors of the rainbow. Pass reality through the prism of the Progressive Left and one sees wide Fraunhofer lines where Republicans, conservatives, devout Jews, Christians… and the truth … are absent from their spectrum.

Vat do you meen “good news”. Vee do not do that here on the Left! Two demerits for wrongthink.

Cuts to the heart of leftist political philosophy. They refuse to help solve societal problems because they’d rather have them as political issues.

“somehow spins”

Translation: Burned a doobie and started scribbling.

Diversity breeds adversity. Don’t indulge color judgments, including racism. Trump is not a diversitist, let alone rabid.

DINORightMarie | July 20, 2019 at 6:57 pm

The premise that Trump won by pushing racist division is demonstrably false. Obama did that, continuously.

They take a raw data point, make false statements about it’s cause and reason for rising/falling, then jump to faulty conclusions on what will happen in 2020:

The most likely outcome of all this is that Trump will feel like he needs to go further and further to get the same response he did in 2016, and that will eventually force him to go too far.

In their DREAMS!! Why would Trump do this?! The clown car full of Dem candidates are doing this, continuously, and PEOPLE KNOW IT IS A LIE. They are seeing the Blexit movement, more and more POC (black, Hispanic/Latino, you name it!) seeing that Trump is making their lives better–and that is scaring them sh**less!! They know “The Squad” are well past the point of jumping the shark, and it is BACKFIRING on them….and they are panicking.

Mother Jones just outed them, and their faulty logic exposes their “if only” hopes.

I hope Trump wins in a LANDSLIDE. I hope he wins 45+ states (I doubt he can win CA, NY, or MA at least, so I don’t say more than that).

After all the things we’ve had to endure, had to stand up against and endure – Kavanaugh hearings, college campus lunacy, Covington Kids in DC, Russia Russia Russia!! (i.e. collusion and obstruction, aka the Witch Hunt)……they deserve to lose ALL the states!

As a proud Cruz Conservative who was skeptical about Trump winning (yes, I voted for Trump in 2016), and as a VERY thankful voter who prayed Hillary would NEVER win, I proudly say #MAGA2020 and Keep America Great!


Congress is debating selling the F-35 to Turkey in light of Turkey getting the S-400 anti-aircraft system from Russia.

Where do these f***ing morons tlaib, cortez and omar fit into the discussion – not to mention weirdo eric swalwell? Not to mention sheila jackson lee, maxine waters…. Oy.

Incredible, isn’t it?

    Perspective: the Senate is GOP. That goes nowhere. Nothing this crazy commie House does goes anywhere.

    I get that there is well-earned RINOphobia, but Trump supporters have to get on the Trump train all the way. That means giving him the House in 2020 and keeping the Senate.

    You want to trust Trump? Trust that he will do much more with two arms of government than just one. Look at Congressional Republicans now, they are flocking to him.

    Want to screw Trump? Keep griping about your own personal purity tests.

    Instead, send Republicans to Congress and let Trump work his magic when he has both Houses of Congress plus the Presidency. He’s got this.

      Eskyman in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | July 20, 2019 at 9:03 pm

      Um- Fuzzy, I agree with your many points, but TheFineReport didn’t say anything about the GOP, so your reply is puzzling.

      He (or she, pardon me but I don’t know) was addressing the lunatics of the Left and whether they’re contributing to important discussions about national security; of course they aren’t, but I appreciate them for their valuable work in ensuring President Trump’s reelection.

      If they keep up their insane bellowing, including their anti-Semitism & anti-Americanism, they’ll give him a landslide victory!

      tom_swift in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | July 21, 2019 at 1:56 am

      send Republicans to Congress and let Trump work his magic when he has both Houses of Congress plus the Presidency

      The Rs had both Houses not so long ago. And all they did with it was miss opportunities.

        True enough, but a lot has changed since Paul Ryan, no?

        rdm in reply to tom_swift. | July 21, 2019 at 7:42 am

        You also have to consider the negative opportunity that having democrats in charge inflicts. Instead of what republicans aren’t doing you also have what democrats ARE doing.

          Good point, rdm, but the negative factor becomes moot when Congress is deadlocked due to insufficient numbers. We are enjoying the horrors of the “squad” and think that’s helping us, and it may be, but do we support that over an actual majority that can actually enact into law Trump policies? My thought is no.

          Laws are not easily overturned, while almost all of Obama’s “pen and phone” crap has been tossed in the history bin. Right now, Trump is working on the pen and phone far too much; only we can fix that by sending him reps and sens who will vote for his policy items. We can do that, or we can moan that Mr. Massachusetts won’t vote with Trump more than half the time (so the hell what? He’s voting with Trump the other half, a full 50% more than some lunatic prog).

          All: Look, I get it, you’re frustrated and angry, who isn’t these days? But the fact is that we have a very specific form of government, and that our president is well aware of this fact–thus him backing people we see as RINOs; he knows that some support sometimes is better than no support ever. If he gets that, why can’t we?

          What do you want? Do you want Trump to succeed? If so, he’s asking that you send him a Republican House and keep the Republican Senate. If that’s not what you want, that’s cool, too, but it’s pretty hard to support Trump and not support his clearly and oft-stated desire to regain the Houses and to keep / build on majorities in the Senate.

          At some near point support for Trump while ignoring his pleas to give him Congress becomes kind of empty. He’s either right and can fix things and you trust that, or not. Easy.

      Right on, Fuzzy.

      The GOP is a dead party. If Trump doesn’t ‘take it over,’ and decimate the rats in it, it’s time for a new party. The Tea Party worked quite well.

      Starve the GOP. Give money to individual candidates ONLY.

Think of what Trump might have accomplished if there was no Mueller investigation stifling everything or an extremely hostile media condemning everything he ever did or tried to accomplish.

    Well, that was the point of the coup attempt.

    Imagine this: what if the perpetrators of the coup walk? That’ll be the final straw in the non-trust of our government, it being deemed a corrupt bad joke, typified by crying boehner.

Fuzzy Slippers: “Just when you thought you’ve heard all the crazy.”

The Crazy: “Hold my meth pipe!”