At what point do people like this get called out for their seeming mental illness? Seriously, isn’t this science denial?

The College Fix reports:

Gender studies professor: Women who believe men can’t become women are like white supremacists

It’s not enough for some academics to say that women who choose biology over subjective mental states are “transphobic.”

One of them says these women, known by the slur “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” are in the same league as the Ku Klux Klan.

The subject is dissident feminists in academia, such as the University of California-Santa Barbara’s Laura Tanner, who argue that treating men as women based on their gender identity is misogynistic at its core and invalidates women.

A professor of gender and women’s studies at the University of Arizona, Susan Stryker, tells Inside Higher Ed that female identity is like immigration:

If womanhood is a “a restricted country,” Stryker said, citing the writer Joan Nestle, “Who says what those restrictions shall be? Who is womanhood for? How does one become its citizen?”

It’s “legitimate to ask all such questions,” Stryker continued. “There should be no bounds on academic inquiry.” Yet “what I see in the TERF wars is not disinterested academic inquiry,” she added. “It’s more akin to white supremacists wanting to propagandize other whites about foreigners, where the position of foreigners in the conversation has been deemed illegitimate in advance.”


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