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Far Left 2020 Democrat Candidates Lead Among College Students

Far Left 2020 Democrat Candidates Lead Among College Students

“recent poll findings seem to affirm the claim that younger voters are becoming more and more left-wing”

Is anyone surprised by this? When Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren promise free college, they’re speaking to part of their base.

Campus Reform reports:

POLL: Biden may be ahead nationally, but far-left candidates lead the pack on college campuses

A new poll finds that Democrat candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are the most supported within the party after the recent set of debates.

College Pulsepolled 1,500 college students directly after the second night of the Democrat debate on whom they preferred to receive the nomination for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Sanders and Warren garnered the majority of votes, receiving 28 and 23 percent of the total, respectively.

Twenty-six percent of college students polled reported that they tuned in to the Democrat debates, which far exceeds the 4.5 percent of the overall American public that watched.

The recent poll findings seem to affirm the claim that younger voters are becoming more and more left-wing, supporting platforms that resemble socialism, like taxpayer-funded healthcare and increased taxes on wealthy Americans.

“Colleges and universities have severely underprepared non-STEM college students since higher education has moved further and further to the left,” Joel Valdez, former College Republicans member at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, told Campus Reform.

“This lack of proper preparation for the real world makes college students prime victims to the false song of socialism,” Valdez, a former Campus Reform correspondent who currently interns at the Leadership Institute, Campus Reform’s parent company, added. “No wonder the top socialist candidates are leading with underprepared members of society.”


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Saying that people who think safe spaces and climate change are important things to learn about in school have made decisions based on policies (socialism) rather than raw emotions doesn’t make sense. College students are, for the most part, idiots.

Here are alternative theories:

1. They trust old people (Bernie and Warren both being senior citizens).
2. It’s pure name recognition. They’ve heard of these people before. The rest are nobodies.
3. They were impressed by how very much Warren and Bernie want to hurt all the right people. (As opposed to just robbing them blind or scorning them for being the wrong skin color, etc).
4. Bernie the fair-weather-democrat and Lie-a-watha are the ones their parents hate the most, so the students naturally love that about them.

    CorkyAgain in reply to irv. | July 7, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    I’ll go with alternative theory #2. These kids don’t strike me as very well-informed.

    irv in reply to irv. | July 8, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    I have a new alternative that I think is closest to the truth. It’s a variation on my number 3, above. It’s this: Warren and Bernie are the ones who appeal the most to the emotions of greed and envy.

    That’s what makes lefty children (and many, many lefty “adults”)feel all warm and fuzzy. Greed and Envy.

News Flash: There IS no ‘Free Stuff’!! Make promises they have no intention, or means, to deliver, is the way Communism always gains a foothold. There will be NO student loan forgiveness. There will be NO reparations to Blacks. There will be NO ‘free’ healthcare.

When the Communist ‘Rats’ fail to deliver on these promises, they will invent another ‘Boogeyman’ to blame, and will call for more Communism to fix the problem. And it always fails.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | July 8, 2019 at 11:12 am

My wife was a college student during the Clinton campaign (the serial rapist, not the serial criminal). As a Democrat with heavy left leanings, she was enamored by Bill Clinton’s promise to pay her student loans – so she voted for him.

She graduated college in 1994, and started working. When she got her first real paycheck (not the kind you get when you need college walk-around money), she asked me why her paycheck was so low. I showed her the part where money was removed from her check to pay for all the free stuff politicians promise. She quickly got on the Conservative train and never left.

I still jab her once in a while when we see Burn-me and Liawatha promising free college. I remind her that it took use 12 years to pay her student loans, and I am still waiting for the check from Bill to pay her student loans.

These special needs children in college really believe that someone will pay their loans for them. They are in for a rude awakening.