Have you noticed that the progressive agenda is so popular that it always has to be mandatory?

Campus Reform reports:

MSU employees ‘expected’ to pay $75 for ‘multicultural self-awareness’ workshop

A Michigan State University college is holding a two-day “multicultural self-awareness” event Tuesday and Wednesday for all employees at a cost of $75.

MSU Extension, a branch of the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) will run its “Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop,” exploring “feelings and values from a multicultural perspective.” Non-MSU Extension employees can attend if they pay $150, with MSU noting that attendance is “expected” from MSU Extension employees at $75 admission.

MSU Extension is designed to bring knowledge from MSU directly to “individuals, communities, and businesses.” Its programming focuses on agriculture, business, food and health, and other subjects.

The program will focus on “differences rather than similarities” and participants are urged to refrain from “phone calls, meetings, and other interruptions” during the workshop.

Organizers are structuring the learning experience to address awareness of “prejudice, discrimination, and oppression,” which includes racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and heterosexism.

MSU held a similar program addressing racism in May. It was titled “Raising White Kids: An Anti-Racism Conversation for All of Us,” and included discussion on “white silence.”

Another aim of the program is to stifle individuals’ alleged tendency to see “differences within a monocultural view of ‘better than/less than’ thinking.”


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