Another Democratic Debate took place tonight, and it was all so predictable, with the exception of Marianne Williamson. She certainly raised her profile with an aggressive endorsement of reparations, speaking out against the ‘dark psyche’ of Trump, and other concerns about healing the nation.

I would not be surprised if she got a bounce.

Bernie and Warren tried to out-do each other. Bernie was the socialist visionary, Warren played the fighter. They are playing for the same audience.

But the real drama on stage was that several of the moderates — who still are left of center — on stage rejected Medicare-for-All as both destructive and likely to hand Trump a victory.

John Hickenlooper, Steve Bullock, and Tim Ryan went there, but John Delaney was the most aggressive, and his lines were the most memorable:

“Why do we have to be so extreme? Why can’t we just give everyone health care as a right, and allow them to have choice? I’m starting to think this is not about health care. This an anti-private sector strategy.”

These moderates, collectively, don’t add up to much in polls. I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them make it to the next debate.

These moderate Democrats served as a voice of reason, and it was a negative for the leftist leaders to have doses of reality served in front of a national audience from other Democrats.


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