In response to the news that there were going to be ICE raids and deportations of illegal aliens who have already been issued deportation orders, leftists in Colorado chose a uniquely infuriating way to protest the move.

They illegally entered federal property, took down the American flag, defaced it, raised it (upside down), and raised a Mexican flag at the same height as the defaced, union-down American flag.  They also raised some sort of anti-police/Blue Lives Matter flag in place of the Colorado state flag.

The American flag was defaced with the words “Abolish ICE” and raised with the union down:

Following the dispersal of the crowd, ICE restored the American flag and the Colorado state flag to their rightful positions and removed the Mexican flag.

CBS Denver reports:

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Aurora on Friday evening to march to the ICE detention facility where illegal and undocumented immigrants are being housed. They also removed the U.S. flag, replaced it with a Mexican flag, and spray painted graffiti on a Blue Lives Matter flag before it was seen flying upside down on the flag pole.

. . . .  The protesters say they are demonstrating against the treatment of the people living inside. The Blue Lives Matter flag was vandalized with “Abolish ICE” in spray paint.

The original flags outside the ICE facility, including the U.S. flag and Colorado flag were placed on the flag poles after the crowd dispersed. The Mexican flag and spray painted Blue Lives Matter flag were removed.

Watch the report:

Seeing the Mexican flag raised to equal height with this defaced and inverted American flag, on federal land, is so far beyond the pale that I really can’t understand what the protestors hope to accomplish.

All it shows me is that they are beyond clueless about America and about Americans if they think for one second they will change one heart or one mind with this anti-American treachery.  Well, they may actually change a lot of hearts and minds, just not as they hope.

Which of the approximately 352 Democrat presidential candidates will be first to adopt this on the campaign trail?  Think of the slathering anarchist/socialist/communist lefties who will adore it.

Better yet, think of the massive fail in the general election when President Trump wins by an historic landslide, one that makes Mondale’s 13 electoral votes and McGovern’s 17 look positively glowing.  And all handed to Trump on a silver platter by this sort of fevered leftist hatred for our great nation.

Twitchy’s headline sums it up: “‘Trump is going to win 45 states’: Protesters take down American flag and raise Mexican flag at ICE detention center in Colorado.”


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