GOP operative Arthur Schwartz discovered old anti-Semitic tweets from relatively new CNN photo editor Mohammed Elshamy. He celebrated the killing of “4 jewish [sic] pigs” in a terrorist attack in 2011 and cheered on Hamas.

Elshamy resigned late Thursday night.

CNN and the left cannot complain about this happening because last week the network dug through Monica Crowley’s old tweets and blog posts after President Donald Trump appointed her as assistant treasury secretary for public affairs.

So why can’t the left complain about this?

Remember, back in 2016, Crowley withdrew from consideration for the position of senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council after Kaczynski’s team accused her of plagiarism in her book and doctoral thesis.

So a week after Trump picked Crowley, Andrew Kaczynski decided to go after Crowley again. His team brought up old tweets and blog posts from Crowley that criticized President Barack Obama for his support to build a mosque near Ground Zero, wondered about his loyalties to America, and questioned why it took him so long to produce his birth certificate.

Whatever. It just seems to me Kaczynski has it out for Crowley for some weird reason.

ANYWAY. GOP operative Arthur Schwartz gave the network a taste of its own medicine when he unearthed tweets of a far more sinister nature by its photo editor Mohammed Elshamy.

Elshamy made his account private now, but The Washington Examiner captured the anti-Semitic tweets.

The Washington Free Beacon has more tweets, but since Elshamy has a private account now, the tweets do not show up well. In these tweets, he celebrated when the “Zionest embassy” took down its flag with an ALLAHU AKBAR.

CNN told The Washington Examiner that the network accepted Elshamy’s resignation.

Can we STOP doing this? Both sides?! These blog posts and tweets came out back in 2010 and 2011. Almost ten years ago. It is possible that people change and evolve. It is possible and if so then a person should not have their lives destroyed over it.


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