Charlottesville, VA, decided to end making Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13, a city holiday. Yes, the city now known for the riots back in 2017.

Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, and his Monticello home is a popular tourist spot.

From Fox News:

City officials voted to scrap the holiday in honor of the slave-owning third president of the United States and instead adopted Liberation and Freedom Day, to be celebrated each March 3. The holiday commemorates the day U.S. Army forces arrived in Virginia in 1865, near the end of the Civil War, the Washington Times reported.

The city council’s decision came just days after James Fields Jr., the 22-year-old driver convicted of killing a woman and injuring dozens of other people at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017, was sentenced to life behind bars.

Attorneys for Fields asked a judge two weeks ago to spare him from a life sentence, citing their client’s age as well as his traumatic childhood. Fields pleaded guilty in March to 29 federal hate crime charges in the car attack in which he deliberately drove his car into a crowd of anti-racism protesters.

The left continues to slowly erase our history, even though it’s one of the best stories ever in human history. As an ex-leftist, I know how they operate. They work slowly so they can scream those against them are overreacting.

Look, I know you cannot consider Jefferson perfect. No human is perfect. Yes, he had slaves. Yes, he told the first significant government lie when he wrote all men are created equal and did not apply it to black people. Yes, he caved to Alexander Hamilton about a national bank to have the capital in DC.

How lucky are we that our Founding Fathers just happened to be in the same place at the same time?

But the fact remains that without Jefferson we would not have America. Despite the lie in the Declaration of Independence, he authored that document, which is one of the most exceptional pieces written since the birth of humankind.

It amazes me that the left wants to emphasize the negative about our Founding Fathers, but chooses to water down the negative of those they admire. I admire our Founding Fathers, but I admit their faults.

The left worships FDR, the man who put Japanese-Americans in camps during WWII. Both the left and right prop up Abraham Lincoln, even though he was a racist and wanted to round up the black people to ship them to the Caribbean. They also give off the idea that the Civil War was about slavery, but it was about the federal government scared to lose power. He even censored journalists and those who disagreed with me.

I do not even want to touch Woodrow Wilson and LBJ. Wilson was one of the most evil and racist guys. LBJ only signed the Civil Rights Act to bring black people to the Democratic Party, not out of the goodness of his heart.

The left continues to adore President Bill Clinton, despite the numerous rape and sexual assault claims against him along with the situation with Monica Lewinsky.

It makes me furious. Acknowledge the faults of everyone in history. Understand the period they lived in and push how much society has changed for the better.

As much as I despise Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, among others, I refuse to erase them from American history.


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