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Charlottesville Decides to Stop Celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

Charlottesville Decides to Stop Celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

For crying out loud.

Charlottesville, VA, decided to end making Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13, a city holiday. Yes, the city now known for the riots back in 2017.

Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, and his Monticello home is a popular tourist spot.

From Fox News:

City officials voted to scrap the holiday in honor of the slave-owning third president of the United States and instead adopted Liberation and Freedom Day, to be celebrated each March 3. The holiday commemorates the day U.S. Army forces arrived in Virginia in 1865, near the end of the Civil War, the Washington Times reported.

The city council’s decision came just days after James Fields Jr., the 22-year-old driver convicted of killing a woman and injuring dozens of other people at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017, was sentenced to life behind bars.

Attorneys for Fields asked a judge two weeks ago to spare him from a life sentence, citing their client’s age as well as his traumatic childhood. Fields pleaded guilty in March to 29 federal hate crime charges in the car attack in which he deliberately drove his car into a crowd of anti-racism protesters.

The left continues to slowly erase our history, even though it’s one of the best stories ever in human history. As an ex-leftist, I know how they operate. They work slowly so they can scream those against them are overreacting.

Look, I know you cannot consider Jefferson perfect. No human is perfect. Yes, he had slaves. Yes, he told the first significant government lie when he wrote all men are created equal and did not apply it to black people. Yes, he caved to Alexander Hamilton about a national bank to have the capital in DC.

How lucky are we that our Founding Fathers just happened to be in the same place at the same time?

But the fact remains that without Jefferson we would not have America. Despite the lie in the Declaration of Independence, he authored that document, which is one of the most exceptional pieces written since the birth of humankind.

It amazes me that the left wants to emphasize the negative about our Founding Fathers, but chooses to water down the negative of those they admire. I admire our Founding Fathers, but I admit their faults.

The left worships FDR, the man who put Japanese-Americans in camps during WWII. Both the left and right prop up Abraham Lincoln, even though he was a racist and wanted to round up the black people to ship them to the Caribbean. They also give off the idea that the Civil War was about slavery, but it was about the federal government scared to lose power. He even censored journalists and those who disagreed with me.

I do not even want to touch Woodrow Wilson and LBJ. Wilson was one of the most evil and racist guys. LBJ only signed the Civil Rights Act to bring black people to the Democratic Party, not out of the goodness of his heart.

The left continues to adore President Bill Clinton, despite the numerous rape and sexual assault claims against him along with the situation with Monica Lewinsky.

It makes me furious. Acknowledge the faults of everyone in history. Understand the period they lived in and push how much society has changed for the better.

As much as I despise Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, among others, I refuse to erase them from American history.


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bobinreverse | July 3, 2019 at 2:20 pm

Without even googling – black or Jew mayor?

The city of Charlottesville, VA, selected Nikuyah Walker, its first Black female mayor

Connivin Caniff | July 3, 2019 at 3:01 pm

Were Jefferson’s black descendants polled on this?

    Many years ago, I knew a “white” descendant of Sally Hemmings quite well. I suspect she would be equally offended.

    Can anyone name a political leader alive today who can compare with TJ? It is because of people like him that we have this country at all; and a great institution like the University of Virginia. How long before we hear people wanting to tear down the Washington Monument? (Destroying history is what ISIS did in the Middle East.)

texansamurai | July 3, 2019 at 3:13 pm

lord–a man of incredible intellect and vision–in all our history, if you could point to one man who imagined america as we now know it, Jefferson is the one–couldn’t care less that he owned slaves, that he committed a few misdeeds in business and otherwise–on balance, he was an inspiration to all around him and though many disagreed vehemently with him (Adams, in particular),EVERYONE acknowledged his intellect and dedication to this country

he will be remembered and revered long after some two-bit mayor has returned to tending bar or cleaning houses or disappears into obscurity

Well, they could celebrate Jefferson’s death. I’m sure that would make them a lot happier. It’s easy to remember, too—July 4th, a half-century to the day after that Declaration of Independence excitement. The same day John Adams died.

A local paper says my town is celebrating “diversity” this July 4th. Hogwash. The Fourth is about the United States of America, and nothing less—certainly not some frivolous ephemera like “diversity”. There’s nothing diverse about the country’s founding. We all live in a house built by those despicable white men, like it or not. I’m not aware of any reason to believe that anybody else could have built it.

“As much as I despise Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, among others, I refuse to erase them from American history.”

And let’s not forget the rape-enabling, plagiarist, serial adulterer MLK, Jr. When do we get to erase him from our history? Or is the new standard to be that only white historical figures have to be perfect in all things?

2smartforlibs | July 3, 2019 at 3:47 pm

Thomas Jefferson – A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have.

    Milhouse in reply to 2smartforlibs. | July 4, 2019 at 1:49 am

    That’s Gerald Ford, not Thomas Jefferson.

      Terence G. Gain in reply to Milhouse. | July 4, 2019 at 3:34 pm

      Searching the quote turned up this.


      It was attributed to Ford as early as 1954, however,6 and Ford’s assistant, Robert Hartmann, said that Ford claimed to have heard the quotation “early in his political career” from Harvard McClain at the Economic Club of Chicago.7

This is part of the swamp/left/islamic axis trying to destroy our way of life in order to seize power and loot us.

Destroying our history is job one. We have sat by like raging idiots and continued to vote-in RINOS who have allowed – and facilitated – the left to seize our schools and turn them into swamp/left/islamic indoctrination centers.

Boehner, in the face of obama, was America’s Chamberlain. The GOPe remains America’s Quislings.

I don’t know why conservatives don’t fight back with similar lawfare … i.e., let’s scrap MLK day – what’s come out on him recently ought have us tearing down his monuments, street signs, and erasing the holiday in his honor.

    artichoke in reply to MrE. | July 3, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Then the left would choose a replacement, and I expect they would choose the real father of affirmative action for the “talented tenth” and racial conflict, the communist WEB DuBois.

    We’ve already accommodated MLK’s agenda, and his “foibles” (and worse) are not our problem — nobody thinks we endorse them. Let’s not bring in a worse agenda.

    Why scrap a holiday for a communist, plagarist, adulterous, orgy-dweller and wife abuser? Or does Bill Clinton even have a holiday named after him?

So the Charlottesville city council is now going to be telling all the mosques and Islamic centers in Charlottesville that they have to permanently close, right? Because Muhammad was both a slave owner and a slave trader, so clearly all the virtue-signallers on the city council will not be willing to abide these local monuments to such a morally flawed and evil human being. Right?

Ludicrous hypocrites.

So who would the SJW Idiots have preferred to have written the Declaration of Independence?

Some Slave?

The miracle of this country, and its system of government, is that it gets such good things out of imperfect people.

We can look at our past leaders, and we can say out loud their flaws and mistakes. We can do that with the present leaders, too. That’s a good thing.

The mistake of depending upon perfection in government leaders is old and well known. It goes at least back to the Bible:

“If you, O Lord, count our iniquities, who can stand?”

Or again,

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

The lefties know that. They want to have us be weak, to fail to take comfort in knowing that we, like our forefathers, may be flawed and yet we can still do great things.

George Washington was also a slave owner. I expect that within five years, the leftists in Seattle will change the name of the state to honor a native American chief.

What a beautiful thing if they just named it OBAMA, District of Green.

The neo-Nazis (“Antifa”) or leftists set up a kill zone, hoping to capture an alleged white diversitist, but instead abort one of their own, and then it gets progressively liberal (i.e. monotonically divergent).

Celebrate Marx, Lenin, and Stalin instead.

It’s a power play. The black mayor feels really strong that she can get rid of Thomas Jefferson as a reparation for slavery!

tommy mc donnell | July 3, 2019 at 9:39 pm

“but the fact remains that without Jefferson we would not have America.” now you know why the democrat party stopped celebrating his birthday.

regulus arcturus | July 4, 2019 at 1:29 am

Justice Roberts concurs.

Thomas Jefferson was a life-long supporter of abolition. If it were in his power he would have abolished slavery and gladly let his own slaves go. But it was not in his power, and after failing badly at it in his youth he came to understand that he would never see the goal achieved in his lifetime, so he turned his attention to other goals that could be achieved. He encouraged younger abolitionists to keep at it, in the hope that they would live to see it done.

He wrote that he wasn’t legally able to free his own slaves, though I’m not sure why. I suppose it was his debts that kept him from doing so; the law probably didn’t allow debtors to give away significant assets that should have gone to satisfy their creditors.

And no, he did not “tell the first significant government lie when he wrote all men are created equal and did not apply it to black people”. He did mean black people, which is why Calhoun denounced it as a lie.

DINORightMarie | July 4, 2019 at 2:22 am

Yes, he told the first significant government lie when he wrote all men are created equal and did not apply it to black people.

I do not understand this statement. Do you really believe this?! What a load of BS!!

When Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he meant EXACTLY what he said: “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [meaning people, for all the femi-nazis out there] are CREATED equal, and that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights….” [emphasis in CAPITALS is mine, as is the comment] Jefferson was himself against slavery, as many of his writings show. However, he did not free them, as he was a flawed human, who I cannot judge since I live in 2019 not 1776.

He did not say that HUMANS created PEOPLE “equal”, or that slavery was part of some mythical “equality” only for whites or some such leftist clap-trap (that would be more like a quote from Margaret Sanger, actually). No, he clearly wrote that ALL OF US ARE CREATED EQUAL. In the eyes of God, we ARE equal–no distinction between slave or free, Jew or Greek, male and female, no distinction between what we call “races” of people. (Gal. 3:28) He CREATED us all, humans, and we are ALL equal in His eyes.

What mankind living in a fallen world who DO enslave people, and do here on Earth many other heinous things, is NOT what Jefferson wrote about. Slavery is a mankind-imposed state forced upon another people, often people captive from a war or battle – whether whites enslaving blacks from Africa, Africans enslaving other Africans, Saudis enslaving people, Asians enslaving people of many backgrounds, Native tribes enslaving other Native tribes, Latinos enslaving people as sex slaves (or labor, or whatever!), or whites enslaving other whites…it is all HUMAN imposed on other people, a state that is NOT what our CREATOR wanted (or wants!) for us. Not at all God’s created desire for his creation (people).

Read the Bible, a short book in the New Testament: the book of Philemon. Paul implores that the slave Onesimus be forgiven and set free because that is what God wants for all of us! The Bible in fact teaches in many places that God wants us to not live as enslaved people (here is a nice article on this topic). Most don’t know today that the Abolitionist movement was a Christian movement, and it is ONLY because of Christians in both the British Empire and in the US that slavery was abolished.

The American Civil War was fought over many things, including slavery–the South enshrined in their Confederate Constitution slavery was key to their “nation.” However, without the Abolition movement, the issue of the wrong of slavery would not have been so prominent. Harriet Beecher Stowe was an active Abolitionist, as was Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth-and many others (men and women, all races, from North and South in the USA). They knew that “all men [people] are CREATED equal” by God was TRUTH, and that is what they stood upon, that rock of Truth.

Jefferson did not lie when he wrote that sentence. It is a truth he knew, and embraced. Please rid your mind of this leftist lie.

    Milhouse in reply to DINORightMarie. | July 4, 2019 at 8:43 am

    However, he did not free them, as he was a flawed human, who I cannot judge since I live in 2019 not 1776.

    His own explanation for not freeing his slaves was that he was legally unable to do so. He didn’t say why, and I have not been able to dig up any information on this, but my guess is that VA law would have treated manumission as a gift to the slaves, and didn’t allow debtors to give away significant assets that should have gone to satisfying their creditors.

    At any rate, whatever the law actually was, his perception of it was that the only way for him to stop owning slaves was to sell them, which would obviously be the wrong thing to do, so he was stuck with them.

Back when I took my only sociology class I was taught that we could not judge other cultures by our own current standards. For example, we could not judge cannibals because they lived in different circumstances. I recall it was called cultural relativism. Apparently, that is now dead.
The greatest man I ever knew killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people from the left seat of his B-24. Doing so saved perhaps millions of lives, but should he be judged for what he did by someone in a basement with a computer who has never faced adversity greater than running out of beer?
F them all

    jb4 in reply to Obie1. | July 4, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    I suspect that the dumbing down of education leading to these kinds of things and that fellow in the basement is a strategy, not an unintended consequence. I chose “fellow” because immigrants have largely taken over the construction trades and college attendance is perhaps 40/60% male/female. Since you bring up sociology, in my opinion, the situation of young men is one of the most serious socio-economic problems around.

caseoftheblues | July 4, 2019 at 9:45 pm

What idiots……

Under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson, the new state of Virginia in 1778 became the first state and one of the first jurisdictions anywhere to stop the importation of slaves for sale; it made it a crime for traders to bring in slaves from out of state or from overseas for sale; migrants from other states were allowed to bring their own slaves. The new law freed all slaves brought in illegally after its passage and imposed heavy fines on violators.

In the beginning of the Republic, lefties believe there was a Big Bang, and out of chaos came the Declaration of Independence. It just appeared!