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Branco Cartoon – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Branco Cartoon – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Independence Day

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You nailed it again!!! Anyone who would protest a 4th of July parade would spout such nonsense. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    Tom Servo in reply to Shadow5. | July 4, 2019 at 10:06 am

    It is hilarious to see how Trump has maneuvered his enemies into coming right out and saying “WE HATE AMERICA!!!”

Yesterday I and several of my friends posted on Facebook a photo of the Betsy Ross flag with the caption “This Does Not Offend Me”. Within hours FB had removed all these posts. So, we’re doing it again today. God Bless America!

Has anyone figured out what anyone actually DOES find offensive about it? Or has anyone on the other side ever bothered to say?

    Their foundational complaint is with private wealth and competition in a free market place.

    Fortunately, all people are NOT equally endowed of abilities and intellectual prowess. The slackers and ne’er do wells hate having to reconcile their status in life with those get up early, stay late and work in pursuit of their own preferences and happiness.

    Not everyone on the bottom has a way up from their situation. However, for those with enough energy and ambition to besmirch society, as Antifa, a choice is being made. Folks should not have to wear a bandanna around their face while pursuing their life’s calling.

      Well okay, that’s their real reason.

      What I meant to ask was, had any of them voiced a rationale for declaring that flag forbidden? I have yet to read what Michael Eric Dyson has to say, but I rather doubt it will be rational.

A football player nobody wants, objects to an obscure reference to slavery but has no problem with Chinese peasants working under slave like conditions today to make products to enrich himself.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake in California on Independence Day. So it appears that the nation is trying to shake off the “Left” coast.

Two things to watch.

Red Skelton pledge.

Aaron Copland Lincoln Portrait.

Liberals hate Independence Day because it celebrates America – a place they cannot stop complaining about.
So every July 4th celebrated with Donald Trump in the White House is extra excruciating for them.
For the rest of us, it makes the holiday that much more glorious…