Isn’t it fascinating how the Democrat agenda is being implemented in higher education. It’s almost as if the two are intertwined.

Campus Reform reports:

California could soon mandate colleges provide services to illegals

A bill currently making its way through the California state Senate would require each campus that is part of the California Community Colleges or California State Universities to ensure that it has a designated Dreamer Resource Liaison on staff who is knowledgeable in available financial services, social services, state-funded immigration legal services, and academic opportunities for illegal immigrant students.

The bill would encourage each campus that is part of the University of California system to do the same. AB 1645, introduced by Democrat Assemblymembers Blanca Rubio and Eloise Reyes, recently passed the State Assembly and is moving through the Senate.

It significantly expands the scope of California’s AB 540, from legal residents to illegal students.

Under the bill these colleges would have to make available a Dreamer Resource Liaison who provides certain services, such as state and institutional financial aid assistance, academic counseling, peer support services, psychological counseling, referral for social services, and state-funded immigration legal services for illegal alien students. The bill would encourage the colleges to provide these services in Dream Resource Centers.

Compliance would cost the state more than $5 million annually, as stated in an Assembly Appropriations Committee analysis. The report indicated that costs would largely be concentrated in community colleges.


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