America already spends a fortune on education. How does this solve a single problem? It looks like another attempt to buy votes.

CBS News reports:

Beto O’Rourke calls for a sweeping $500 billion fund to address education inequality

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is releasing a plan to address structural inequality in education ahead of his appearance at the NAACP National Convention in Detroit Wednesday. The plan, obtained exclusively by CBS News, includes the creation of a $500 billion “Permanent Fund for Equity and Excellence” in an effort to close the funding gap between predominately white and non-white school districts.

Other tenets of the plan include ending racial disparities in school disciplinary measures, providing student debt relief for educators and investing in the teacher pipeline to increase diversity within the teaching profession.

“Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, and America’s schools still remain segregated,” O’Rourke said in a statement.

“The effects of a system where students of color are disciplined at alarmingly higher rates than white students, where funding favors white school districts over nonwhite districts, or where white teachers far outnumber black teachers live on well beyond students leaving the classroom. We must be relentless in our fight for equity and full opportunity in our schools, our education system, and across society.”

According to a February report by EdBuild, an advocacy and research group that focuses on school funding, predominately white school districts receive $23 billion more than predominately non-white school districts in state and local funding, even when they serve the same amount of students. O’Rourke’s permanent fund would aim to close that gap while also making sure states and districts allocate funds weighted based on the number of “low income students, English learners, students with disabilities or other groups of students in need of additional resources.”


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