President Trump is yet again being called a “racist” by the leftstream media, Democrats, and some Republicans.  It all started when Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) gained the president’s attention with comments about our Southern border and border agents. Trump responded, quite reasonably it seemed to me, that Cummings should look at his own district, of which Baltimore is part.

Our first impulse might be to yawn and flip the page, but this is a bit different because Democrats themselves—from the New York Times to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to Baltimore’s former mayor—are on record noting that Baltimore is indeed a disgusting, rat-infested, crime-ridden disaster underserved.

All day Sunday, the attack dogs were out calling Trump a racist, demanding on the morning talk shows that Republicans respond (preferably by calling Trump a racist), and piling on with bizarre statements calling Trump’s tweet “a racial resentment tweet.”

The tweets that started it all:

Trump also tweeted:

I read that and kind of shrugged.  We know Baltimore is a dangerous, filthy, rat-infested place because the New York Times, Bernie, and Baltimore’s former mayor Catherine Pugh told us so.

After comparing Baltimore to North Korea, Bernie is now reportedly aghast. From CNN: Bernie Sanders: ‘It’s unbelievable’ Trump ‘attacks American cities’. Indeed.  He must have forgotten comparing Baltimore to a “third world country” and calling it a “disgrace.”

And there’s this:

Baltimore has the dubious distinction of being the country’s most dangerous city of its size.

So normal people read or heard about Trump’s tweets and kind of nodded.  Well, yeah, Baltimore is well-known for exactly what Trump stated.

Democrats, the regressive Twitter mobs, and the leftstream media had a different reaction; they leapt to the roof and started screeching “RAAACIST” and haven’t let up.

The problem, apparently, and I’m really just guessing, is that President Trump cannot criticize Cummings’ poor showing in his district because he’s black. Likewise, he can’t criticize Baltimore because many of the residents in its worst areas are black. How do you solve problems if simply noting they exist is “racist”?

We saw this under Obama, too.  Any criticism of any Obama policy or of his and his administration’s many scandals and failures was met with hysterical (and false) cries of “racism.”

How, then, do they respond when Cummings’ own constituents (who are also black) agree with the president?

And there’s further evidence:

Trump is having none of it from the leftist shutuppery contingent.


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