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Yes, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump Paid Their Irish Pub Tab

Yes, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump Paid Their Irish Pub Tab

#FakeNews seems to happen most when the name “Trump” is involved

Despite media headlines to the contrary, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump did pay their bar tab in Ireland and were lauded by locals as “so nice.”

Townhall reports:

And we wonder why President Trump feels compelled to publish tweets like this.

Trump didn’t mention a specific media fabrication in that message, but I can note a recent one that occurred during his trip abroad. He and his family were in Ireland over the weekend as Trump met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar about Brexit and other pressing issues. One night, Donald and Eric were enjoying a bar crawl and picked up the tab for some of their new friends at the Igoe Inn Bar & Restaurant in Doonberg. According to some media reports, the pair never paid the bill.

Those media outlets apparently never contacted the restaurant itself. On social media, the establishment explained that the Trumps didn’t have cash on them at the time they ordered customers a round of drinks, but they made up for it a couple of days later and absolutely did not make Igoe foot the bill.

Watch this clip of the Trump sons at the pub:

The Irish Mirror has more:

Donald Trump’s sons ordered rounds of drinks for ecstatic locals in Doonbeg – and helped out by pulling the pints.

Eric, 35, and 41-year-old Donald Jnr went on a surprise pub crawl in the Clare village and served dozens of gobsmacked punters.

The pair got a warm welcome from the 754 locals of Doonbeg, Co Clare.

Caroline Kennedy, owner of Igoe bar and restaurant told the Irish Mirror: “I did have a sore head and I’d say there were many others too but you know what, it was a great occasion.

“It was certainly worth it. I think they’re absolutely loving here.

“They’re loving the reception they are getting. When they came into the pub they said they wouldn’t get this welcome in New York.”

“They were so lovely and down to earth and gave a great hello to everyone. I said, ‘Come on lads you have to come in and pull a drink’ so they did.

“They were so nice, they came into the restaurant and the local priest Fr Haugh presented them with a picture of the two castles of Doonbeg.

“They thanked everyone for their support and for coming out to meet them and said there was a drink for everyone in the house and it was their small gesture.”

. . . . Paschal Carville, 26, is nicknamed Trump back in Armagh because of his hairstyle. He told the Irish Mirror: “I told Eric people tell me I look like his father and he said, ‘I see that look in you.’

“My name is Trump because people say I look like him. I’m very happy about it. The hair sets the tone.

“I’m down to see Trump, we travelled from Armagh. I just wanted to come down and see him. Everyone thought I was mad.

“I travelled with my father, we managed to get into the town.

“I like what Trump does, he says it how it is and I’m just a fan.”

Is anyone really surprised the leftstream media got this story wrong?  If the word “Trump” appears in any “news report,” it’s probably a good idea to be a bit skeptical.


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That flushing sound is theUsual Suspects’ credibility going down the drain.

    Unknown3rdParty in reply to Valerie. | June 17, 2019 at 8:15 am

    Then it’s one of those toilets where the chain is snagged on something (agenda) and won’t stop flushing.

“Democrat media” headlines…

Trump could cure cancer, and the democrat media would still lie about him. Being a shill for a corrupt fascist movement (they want their piece of the gravy train, too), never look to the democrat media for anything – other than going broke.

There’s an old dating chestnut that when you’re on a date at a restaurant “you can tell if someone is a good person by how they treat The Help.”. Or in other words, if he/she treats the waiter/tress like sh@t don’t expect him/her to treat you any better down the road.

As someone who’s depended on tips to pay the bills, I believe the saying applies more generally. From everything you hear reported about Trump and his families interactions with Jill or Joe Sixpack they treat people like people. Trumps off-the-cuff campaign stunt giving kids at a rally rides in his personal helicopter wasn’t just a stunt, I kinda believe he did that because he got a kick out of giving those kids a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. His kids don’t act like entitled rich snobs. If they did, (or even if they didn’t) you’d see reportage on that.

Contrast that to the Clinton Crew, waiter/waitresses at campaign stops not getting tipped, secret service guards being instructed not to so much as say “good morning” to the first couple, military personnel instructed to wear civies in a repeat of the carter years “because it makes the staff nervous”. I was in DC in the Army during Ronaldo’s Magnus’s presidency. In contrast RR made a comment about how much he LIKED to see people in uniforms. (It was a pain because formally my office had been (neat) civilian dress allowed most days, but a directive to flip that came down. A pain, but at the same time it was flattering to think the guy in charge liked us to show our colors, so to speak.).

I try to stay away from these stories because the lure of confirmation bias looms large. As another person noted, there have been stories about the Clintons for years. With no way to confirm these stories, belief or disbelief comes down to our own ire, or lack thereof, for the people on the receiving end. The tab was paid; that’s good enough for me. I don’t drink so I’ve never had a bar tab, but if that’s the arrangement between businessmen and a pub, that’s their business, literally and figuratively.

    BobM in reply to JBourque. | June 17, 2019 at 4:19 am

    Confirmation bias is a thing, but when ex-secret service write tell-all books and other ex-ss are willing to go on record to confirm, I suspect that stories of Clinton Clan treating the folks tasked with laying down their lives to protect them with contempt are more than tall tales. If nothing else, the fact that those folks are willing to tell stories about the Clinton interactions, and ONLY that incumbency, seems confirmation that during that period pissing off presidential bodyguards was also a thing.

At War With HOA | June 17, 2019 at 12:05 am

TRUMP 2020.