The first Democratic debate is now logged in the annals of history. Night two was just as odd as night one, only with less Spanish and a heckuva lot more fighting for limited time.

After Warren bombed in the JV league Wednesday night, MSNBC dropped her and moved on to Kamala Harris, who was clearly preferred by the debate moderators.

The real winner tonight?

Illegal Immigrants. Every candidate on stage must’ve been feeling particularly generous as they offered would-be illegal immigrants free everything. Would be great if they cared about American citizens half as much.

Sen. Graham is right on this one:

Who stood out:

Harris, Biden, and Mayor Pete stood out, in that order.

Buttigieg didn’t make any mistakes, but he remains as bland as dry toast. He might fare well on a crowded stage, but if he gets much further in the race, he’ll have to to account for his record as Mayor and his actual role in Afghanistan, which some documents suggest might not be as dangerous as he’s led some to believe.

Decades of experience doing this kind of thing served Biden well. Kamala Harris smartly picked a fight with Biden, dare I say intentionally, and successfully used him for her best moment of the night, even if it was completely contrived. But God bless Uncle Joe, he refused to back down from Miss Victimhood Supreme. Watch:

The resident socialist:

In a small field, Bernie was a novelty and an insurgent of a different kind. But in the decades that have passed since 2016, the entire Democrat field has lurched so far leftward, Bernie’s uniqueness is now commonplace and he’s just the (very) loud old man yelling at clouds.

Who’s out?

Probably everyone else. They were for the most part perfectly forgettable. The sooner the DNC is able to shore up their donors and base behind a ticket, the better chance they have of giving Trump a run for his money.

Can we talk about Marianne Williamson?

I’m almost positive I’ve seen her in an episode of Murder She Wrote.

But take heart. Most normal people aren’t paying attention to this kind of thing. Which is why our founders gave us the Electoral College to begin with, but I digress:


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