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University of Arkansas to Place Menstrual Products in Campus Men’s Rooms

University of Arkansas to Place Menstrual Products in Campus Men’s Rooms

“Menstrual Equity for All Act”

When are these schools going to start putting urinals in women’s rooms? Fair is fair, right?

The College Fix reports:

Another school putting tampons in men’s restrooms

Yet another school is moving to install tampons in men’s restrooms, a decision that comes after the university’s student government urged the school to do it.

The University of Arkansas’s Division of Student Affairs is “in the planning stage of implementing” the menstrual product dispensaries in restrooms across campus, KSFM reports.

The legislation calling for the new policy, titled the “Menstrual Equity for All Act,” states that the student government “believes in equality for all individuals regardless of their sex or gender identity.”

“[T]he United Nations regards access to Menstrual Hygiene Management…to be a human rights issue specifically highlighted within the goals of the Sustainable Development Project,” the bill states, adding that “empirical data demonstrates that unexpected need for [menstrual hygiene management] while in public is a situation experienced by eighty-six percent of individuals.” It is unclear from what data the student government draws the 86 percent figure.

The bill states that the university “has a duty to create equal access to education, and therefore must prioritize near-universal accessibility to Menstrual Hygiene Management at no cost to students forthwith.”


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Great free resource for those men needing to check their oil before a long trip. Come to think of it, if I had access to such a great free resource I would check my oil at every fill-up.

Good for gun wipe down after Hoppes. What a country!

Lucky bastards! Shotgun cleaning gear isn’t cheap.

Problem solved. What was the problem again?

I suppose that’ll help plug any bullet holes if a wacko goes on a shooting spree. Not much else guys would use one for. 😛

Well, it’s Arkansas, so the probable result is going to be clogged toilets.

I call foul! What about pistol and rifle shooters? They should get state supplied cleaning gear too.