People who think this way are not ready for college. It’s just another example of why college should not be free.

The College Fix reports:

Student op-ed: Course evaluations should ask about ‘feelings of acceptance, support, inclusion’

We’ve all filled them out: professor and course evaluations at the end of the semester. And a University of Washington student doesn’t think they go far enough.

Charlotte Houston writes in The Daily that evaluations also need to ask whether students feel “safe, respected, and represented.”

Houston was aghast that one of her professors, a biology instructor, had the unmitigated gall to refer to one’s biological sex as “gender” which, she claims, “does not necessarily correspond with biological externalities.”

“I felt angry and distressed by the misinformation and confusion my apparently well-respected professor was seeding in the students around me,” she says. The prof’s alleged misapplication of the term could “make many of his students feel invisible or unrepresented.”

To Houston’s regret, there was no section on this class’s end-of-semester evaluation to “quantify the feeling of [her] heart racing while [she] refused to take notes on information that excluded groups of people,” nor for noting how the professor once made her “feel stupid in front of [her] peers for asking a question that he considered too basic.”


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