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School in San Francisco to Cover George Washington Mural That ‘Traumatizes’ Students

School in San Francisco to Cover George Washington Mural That ‘Traumatizes’ Students

“due to complaints that it’s offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African Americans”

Do you get the sense that some people are actively trying to remove American history from view?

The College Fix reports:

Mural of George Washington that ‘traumatizes students’ to be covered up

There’s plans in the works to cover a mural of George Washington from the halls of George Washington High School in San Francisco due to complaints that it’s offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African Americans.

The San Francisco school board is expected to decide next week whether to cover the image or paint over it, but there’s no plans among top officials to leave the imagery in the open for students to view, according to several Bay Area news reports.

Board members appear to agree with a working group’s determination that the mural “traumatizes students and community members.” The “Life of Washington” mural, which consists of 13 panels, was painted in 1936. One of the images involves Washington gesturing toward a group of explorers who are walking by the body of a presumably deceased Native American. Another depicts Washington next to several slaves performing various types of manual labor.

At a June 18 special meeting to consider the controversial paintings, “not one school board member advocated to keep the mural,” reports SF Weekly.

“Instead, Commissioners Gabriela Lopez, Alison Collins, Stevon Cook, and Mark Sanchez commented on how emotionally draining it was to hear — and have other rehash for them — the pain they know firsthand comes from violent, demeaning imagery like this.”


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Generation FAIL is utterly unemployable and too pathetic to overcome their pathos. These will be too stupid to look at and too delicate to be around.

The new Short Bus Society.

The murals were apparently painted so as to not “white wash” history as part of a WPA program. Yes, it shows a dead Native American neara a broken branch (signaling a broken treaty) and slaves. So these murals are woke, but the students can’t handle that so they need to be covered over?

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

― George Orwell, 1984

This iconoclasm is nothing new. Whether it’s Egyptian pharaohs striking out the cartouches of their predecessors, Dutch Protestants pulling down the statues in cathedrals, or the Taliban blowing up Buddhist monuments, the goal is always as Orwell says.

Remembering becomes a subversive act.

The picture of Dolly Madison and the household staff, including a black man, saving the portrait of Washington was particularly triggering, apparently.
The historical accounts do not say that the black man in the picture was a slave. They say he was a member of the White House staff, a servant, no different in status than the other few white servants who did not flee, but stayed with Dolly Madison as the 5,000 British marines were but a couple blocks away, facing no resistance but the militia, ie the shop keepers with their personal weapons sniping at them.
In normal times, blacks took pride that a black man along with and under the direction of the First Lady, saved the original Declaration of Independence and Washington’s portrait in incident. One of their ancestors stayed in the breach and evacuated to the waiting fast wagons only when the first lady was in her carriage.
The White House was looted and burned to the ground shortly afterwards.

Anyone TRAUMATIZED by the mural needs serious psychiatric help.

Every time someone gives in to one of these demands, another one is made. People have to be tired of the incessant demands from mouths that never shut up. I’ve gotten to where the sight of some mouths yapping makes me gag.

While this entire issue is absurd, a recent article on the subject ( george-washington-mural-san-francisco-racist/) (remove the space for the link to work.) shows the absurdity even more. This article claims that the cost for simply covering the murals with sheets would cost $300,000 and a removal would cost up to $900,000. How have we gotten so out of control to result in such insane costs for a simple issue?

    Antifundamentalist in reply to Cleetus. | June 24, 2019 at 10:16 pm

    Sorry about the down rate – it was a mousing error.
    Whatever happened to Maintenance Staff (already employed) and a few cans of Kilz? That’s shouldn’t cost more than $1000.