Roy Moore, who ran for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in 2017 is running for Senate… again.


The Senate Leadership Fund released the following statement:

The Senate Leadership Fund released the following statement after failed 2017 Senate nominee Roy Moore announced he would mount another campaign in Alabama:

“We believe most Alabama Republicans realize that nominating Roy Moore would be gift wrapping this Senate seat for Chuck Schumer. It remains to be seen whether Moore can escape his baggage without his candidacy collapsing under its own weight, regardless of what groups on the outside do.” -SLF Communications Director Jack Pandol

Meanwhile, over at the AP, the Democrat response:

Democratic Sen. Doug Jones says Roy Moore’s decision to run for the seat again in 2020 “is not good for the state of Alabama.”

Jones told The Associated Press after Moore’s announcement Thursday that the Republican primary in Alabama “just got more divisive and extreme.”

He says the GOP primary will boil down to “either an extremist like Moore or it’ll be an extremist who will be hand-picked by Mitch McConnell,” the Senate majority leader who’s opposed Moore in the past.

Don Jr.:

We covered Moore’s last race extensively. For all of that drama, see here.


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