We’ve seen so many campus hoaxes that begin with ‘discovered’ materials that it’s impossible not to be skeptical about this.

The Boston Globe reports:

Northeastern University student finds questionnaires with fascist references in library

Northeastern University officials will meet Monday with a student after he reported finding paper questionnaires inside a campus library book that included references to Hitler, had a link to an alt-right blog, and asked readers to indicate their areas of interest in fascist topics.

“We are aware and the head of our library system is in contact with the student who found the materials,” Renata Nyul, a university spokeswoman, said in an e-mail. “They should be meeting on Monday and I may have more information then.”

Matt Bowser, 28, who is pursuing a doctorate in history, said he was researching fascist movements of the 1930s for his dissertation at the university’s Snell Library when he discovered 10 questionnaires inside Robert Paxton’s “The Anatomy of Fascism.”

He had checked out the book a couple of months ago but didn’t get around to reading it until Thursday afternoon, when he found the questionnaires, he said in a phone interview Saturday.

He shared photos of the forms with other graduate students, who alerted the university via Twitter on Friday.

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