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Far Left Groups Pushing 2020 Democrats to Support Open Borders

Far Left Groups Pushing 2020 Democrats to Support Open Borders

“help push forward an agenda that lifts the voices and hopes of all immigrants to achieve justice for our communities”

When asked directly, Democrats typically deny being for open borders, but their base hasn’t gotten the memo. Activist groups are now pressuring 2020 Democrats to support an open borders policy.

Laura Barrón-López reports at Politico:

Progressive groups push 2020 Dems to decriminalize border crossings, defund ICE

Leading progressive groups will demand more Wednesday from Democratic White House hopefuls on immigration policy, calling for candidates to support the decriminalization of border crossings and the closure of detention camps.

In an effort to push the candidates to the left and fill a noticeable messaging void in the primary, eight liberal groups — including United We Dream Action, MoveOn, and Indivisible — want the presidential contenders to subscribe to their “Free to move, Free to stay” policy platform.

Progressives are laying down the marker ahead of the first Democratic presidential primary debates Wednesday and Thursday, and as President Donald Trump defends his detention of children at the border and threatens to round up families for deportation…

“When you think about the ‘Green New Deal,’ when you think about ‘Medicare for All,’ those are big visionary proposals, but it’s missing on immigration,” said Angel Padilla, national policy director for Indivisible.

The United We Dream website describes their goals in detail:

2020 presents an opportunity to mobilize voters and the nation around a new framework on immigration, one that is grounded in the shared vision of “helping people without hurting people.” Building off of the persistence and hard work of the immigrant justice movement and its allies, progressive candidates can now help push forward an agenda that lifts the voices and hopes of all immigrants to achieve justice for our communities.

Although the next president will inherit more detention camps and deportation agents than ever before, we know most Americans support citizenship, are appalled by the cruelty of detention camps, and oppose mass deportation. After these years of Trump’s runaway racism and decades of a deadly status quo built by both parties, progressive voters are now demanding a new president to stop the pain and lead the nation in a new direction.

The next president must use her/his moral and executive authority to drive policymaking in a direction based on the vision of “helping people without hurting people.” For decades, Washington has done the opposite. While new citizenship laws have been blocked in Congress, a bipartisan frenzy on increasing deportations and detention camps has led to ICE and CBP becoming the largest federal law enforcement agencies in the nation with little to no oversight.

MoveOn is another group involved in this push:

Joe Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon notes that the timing of this isn’t coincidental, and names another organization we haven’t heard much about in recent years:

Many of the organizations now targeting the Democratic presidential hopefuls have been active since President Donald Trump took office.

The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), Archila’s group, is leading a massive $80 million anti-Trump network that spans across more than 30 states and partners with more than 60 progressive organizations. The CPD consists of old chapters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which was stripped of its federal funding and forced to close following controversy in 2010.

The CPD has undertaken a number of successful boycott and pressure campaigns in recent years. One such effort resulted in the former CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, stepping away from Trump’s advisory council. The CPD also took aim at Nordstrom over its sales of Ivanka Trump products, which were ultimately pulled from the shelves. Nordstrom claimed the decision was made over declining sales.

The left clearly sees this not as a humanitarian issue but a political one. This is a further effort on their part to change the American electorate.


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JusticeDelivered | June 28, 2019 at 9:08 pm

I want justice for Americans, it is unjust to make us pay taxes to support world losers.

Call it what it really is. Open Wallets – from the working class Americans.

Did anyone see the Democrat debate last night? One of the moderators asked the ten participants to raise their hands if they would support free government-run health care for all illegal immigrants.
EVERY SINGLE ONE of those idiot candidates raised their hands. So if a democrat gets elected we get to pay taxes for our own health care, and more taxes to pay for giving free health care to illegal immigrants.

Emigration reform to mitigate the casualties and collateral damage of immigration reform at both ends of the bridge and throughout.

That said, immigration should not exceed the rate of assimilation and integration before planned parenthood.

While Democrats traditionally run as far left liberals in their primaries. That was before the unfettered public access that now exists. All of these video statements and positions are on the internet and the internet is forever. These ridiculous policy positions will surely surface in the general election. That is one of the reasons why social media giants are working so diligently to shut down access to social media. And, that is why we have to be so wary of vote and voter fraud, on behalf of the Democrats. Liberal sycophants may like the sound of open borders and free healthcare for all, including illegal aliens. But, their opinion will change really fast when they find out that THEY are going to pay for all of this “free” stuff. Whoopee Goldberg was a solid Obama Democrat supporter until the Dem’s tax policies started taking more money out of HER pocketbook.

“help push forward an agenda that lifts the voices and hopes of all immigrants to achieve justice for our communities”

If America’s capitalist economy causes such inequality, and the country is so racist and oppressive, how can bringing a foreigner here to live possibly be considered “justice”?

Is the Left that desperate to gain enough power to be in charge even if it means destroying the country or are they seeking to destroy the country? Clearly the combination of open borders with free health care (and who knows what else) will act as a magnate to bring every person who can walk into the US to use and abuse the system of handouts paid for by the taxpayer. Clearly this exodus will result in bankrupting and destroying America. Clearly this is being done to allow as many illegal voters into the country as possible that will result in America’s destruction.
The larger question, however, is whether or not these policies are being proposed to destroy America for some bizarre reason such as a misplaced sense of justice? Likewise, it will be interesting to see how many are awake enough to understand how these policies will destroy America and yet still vote for these policies. Never before has anyone created such an atmosphere of hating the country in which they were born to facilitate this upcoming vote. So again, the question is “Why?” because the destruction of this country will mean the destruction of those who voted for it.

The “far left”. It is time to drop the “far”.

This is all largely the result of college education. How can anyone with any sense advocate this silly position on immigration? You need to marinate your brain at a university for four years first.

So, open borders means the death of the nation state, which, of course, is the goal of multiculturalism. Every university has banners proclaiming diversity and multiculturalism.

Milton Friedman was for open borders, at least theoretically, but ONLY if there was no welfare system in place. Too many people come to America for the free lunch. Without it, most of the grifters would stay home.

    alaskabob in reply to Titan28. | June 29, 2019 at 11:41 am

    Friedman’s position puts competition to succeed the focus. That is capitalism. It’s bread and circus time and that only momentarily quells the mob.