Ten of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates will take the stage tonight for a debate while ten more will appear tomorrow.

It was everything we knew it would be: chaotic, loud, and an overall mess.

It looks like Mike was right. The media appointed Warren the winner of the debate and guess what. She was because it seemed like she always got a question. We hardly heard from Ryan, Gabbard, Inslee, and Delaney. We only heard a lot from de Blasio because he constantly interrupted.

But this is an easy debate to sum up: Everything for free and no plan to pay for it. Big corporations are evil. The 1% are awful, even though a lot of them belong to the 1%. Abortion shouldn’t have restrictions.

The best part? Everyone tried to out Spanish each other.

*Previous reporting….

Tonight on stage:

Bill de Blasio
Tim Ryan
Julian Castro
Cory Booker
Elizabeth Warren
Robert O’Rourke
Amy Klobuchar
Tulsi Gabbard
Jay Inslee
John Delaney

I don’t even know why the DNC has this debate. As Mike blogged, the media has already declared Warren the winner.

Just a reminder that New Yorkers don’t like de Blasio

None of them can answer gun questions for one reason

The Iran Nuclear Deal

See? Warren is Already the Winner

Donald Trump’s Feelings on the Debate

Candidates All of a Sudden Care About Those Coming Across the Border

The Democrats love abortion! Here is a summary of their interactions:

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t understand how business works. They need profit in order to function and provide jobs.

Elizabeth Warren is the winner?

Corey Booker’s priceless face when Beto switched to Spanish.


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