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Campus of Closed College in Connecticut to be Sold at Auction

Campus of Closed College in Connecticut to be Sold at Auction

“32-acre campus has seven buildings, totaling 113,000 square feet”

Lincoln College of New England closed last year and now the campus is up for sale. Developers must love opportunities like this because there’s already so much infrastructure on the property.

From the Associated Press via WTNH News:

Shuttered college campus in Connecticut to be auctioned

A Connecticut college campus that closed in December is up for auction.

The Republican American reports that an auction for Lincoln College of New England’s Southington campus is scheduled for Aug. 16 with an opening bid of $5 million.

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based real estate auctioneers Williams & Williams says the 32-acre campus has seven buildings, totaling 113,000 square feet.

The campus closed to students after officials learned the New England Commission on Higher Education was placing its accreditation on probation for two years. At the time, the school was already experiencing financial struggles and declining student enrollment.


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healthguyfsu | June 19, 2019 at 12:25 pm

Haunted Theme Park Time!

    PersonofInterests in reply to healthguyfsu. | June 20, 2019 at 11:26 am

    Or a College devoted to “Advance Socialsit/Communist Studies since they already have more than enough running the State of Connecticut to be at the very least, Adjunct Professors.

PersonofInterests | June 20, 2019 at 11:24 am

What developer in their right mind would want to develop anything in a State like Connecticut mismanaged for decades to be in the complete control of Socialist Demtards with their “Tax & Spend” mentality, outrageous taxation, and eroding tax base?

Who is going to buy what is developed when the State has major Corporations like General Electric moving out, others poised to go (e.g., Aetna Insurance and United Technoloiges) and tens of thousands of its residences doing the same, including former Demtard Politicians who gave away the future of others to get reelected, e.g., John M. Fabrizi, Bridgeport’s mayor from 2003-2007, a guy who bleeds Bridgeport, is now a resident of Florida.?

Connecticut has absolutely NO redeeming quality to attract business nor individuals and more than a few companies currently existing in the State, cannot entice people to come and live there. And the newly elected Demtard Governor, Ned Lamont, is still working to institute Tolls on all the roads for everybody after reneging on his campaign promise that only those “awful trucks” would have to pay. He’s already deemed to be the worst Governor in the United States and only in office for about 6 months.

    As a former resident who flew south … CT is known as the land of steady habits. And the steadiest of habits is taxing. Ask the Senate Majority Leader, the looney Martin Looney, who predicted GE was bluffing when they were contemplating moving to Boston. And UTC is moving their headquarters to Waltham, MA. In a few years I anticipate Aetna will move to Woonsocket, RI.

    The great exodus continues. Keep votin’ for those dems!

I’m offering $2/acre + nothing for the haunted buildings.

caseoftheblues | June 22, 2019 at 9:27 am

CT politicians have actively made to decision to go all in on illegals. Some actually admit it’s their mission. That’s who they have decided to serve and what all policies are geared to attract more and support the ones already in residence. Don’t think they have thought thru the sustainability of this but as the diehard leftists they are….they think there will always be the rich and corporations to soak…they are wrong.

Besides taxing, Connecticut specializes in passing politically correct legislation that costs a lot of $$$ with no true benefits.

Starting next year, every public school must add classes on black history and “hispanic” history.

A whole slew of new jobs for specialized history teachers. New jobs for state administrators who will harass and threaten any school that does not teach the curriculum the proper way.

“Proper way” would mean black history cannot mention Clarence Thomas or any conservative blacks. Hispanic history will certainly not include Cubans escaping Castro’s Cuba. It will be politically sanctioned fluff with no learning allowed.

Statewide, this will cost tens of millions, at the least.