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Angela Merkel Takes Thinly Veiled Shot at Trump in Speech at Harvard

Angela Merkel Takes Thinly Veiled Shot at Trump in Speech at Harvard

“tear down walls of ignorance”

Lefties at Harvard must have just eaten this up.

The Associated Press reports, via

Here’s what Angela Merkel told Harvard graduates

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told graduates of Harvard University they must “tear down walls of ignorance” and reject isolationism as they tackle global problems such as climate change and terrorism.

Merkel made the comments Thursday while delivering the keynote speech at Harvard’s 368th commencement ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mostly speaking in German through an English interpreter, Merkel called for greater international collaboration and echoed her past criticisms of U.S. President Donald Trump without directly naming him.

Addressing graduates and their families, Merkel decried the rise of “isolationism” and “protectionism.” She said those forces have undermined global trade, which she called “the very foundations of our prosperity.”

“More than ever, our way of thinking and our actions have to be multilateral rather than unilateral. Global rather than national. Outward-looking rather than isolationist. In short, we have to work together rather than alone,” she said. “You, dear graduates, will have a quite different opportunity to do this in the future than my generation did.”

Much of her speech reflected on her time growing up in East Germany, behind the Berlin Wall and under oppression by the Soviets. Merkel recalled the freedom she was granted when the wall fell in 1989, inspiring her to pursue politics and leave her career as a research scientist.


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Obscene response (_______)!

Slight difference in walls when one thinks about it.

Tearing down the Berlin wall unified a divided country.

Putting up a Southern border wall ensures a country stays that way…a country!